How to Get Crops and Vegetables - Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Animal Crossing New Horizons update 2.0 has added cooking and gardening into the game. Besides wheat, you will also be able to get other crops and assorted vegetables such as Tomatoes, Potatoes, Sugarcane, Pumpkins, and Carrots. To be able to get this fresh produce, you will first need to complete several steps. These involve finding and purchasing the starts and seeds for these crops, and then growing them. Our How to Get Crops and Vegetables – Animal Crossing New Horizons guide will go over this entire process and explain everything you need to know so that you can get to gardening as soon as possible.

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Get Crops and vegetables animal crossing

How to Get Crops and Vegetables ACNH

The process for getting crops and vegetables in Animal Crossing New Horizons is the same for every one of these new plants. What you need to do is to first locate Leif. He will sell you the seeds and starts that you will need to plant and grow. After you have found him, talk with him. Choose the “I’m here to shop!” dialogue option. This will open up a shopping screen where you will be able to select which products you want to purchase. All the starts cost a modest 280 Bells, and you can buy a single one, or five of them all at once (for 1,400 Bells).

How to Grow Crops and Vegetables Animal Crossing

After you have bought seeds and starts, you now need to plant them. Choose a nice plot of land somewhere where you can return to often. Dig a hole in the ground and put the start or seed in it. Now you need to water this spot each day. Your crops and vegetables will grow each day, and after several days – you will be able to harvest them. After harvesting them the first time, they will revert to their Day 2 crop cycle, and this means that you only need to wait three more days until you can harvest them again.

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