Pirate Gulliver Animal Crossing New Horizons Items

Pirate Gulliver is a remixed version of an old NPC in Animal Crossing New Horizons. He’s not too different from regular old Gulliver, but he brings new challenges and new rewards. And he goes by Gullivarr now. Also, he’s probably drunk on rum instead of just being sleepy. If you’re wondering where to find him, what the encounter looks like and which items you can get from it, keep reading our Pirate Gulliver Animal Crossing guide.

pirate gulliver animal crossing new horizons
Pirate Gulliver Animal Crossing New Horizons

Where to find Pirate Gulliver

The process is roughly the same as with the regular Gulliver – after you’ve installed the update, he’ll appear on your beach, asleep, at a random point in time. Talk to him to wake him up, like you would usually do. He’ll ask you to find his communicator, like he usually does.

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This time, however, the item won’t be hidden in the sand. Instead, you’ll find it by looking for air bubbles out in the ocean. Which means you’ll have to grab a wetsuit first, and make sure you know how to swim and dive.

Pirate Gulliver Items

After you’ve helped Gullivarr contact his shipmates, you’ll get an item as a reward. All of the items he now offers as rewards are pirate-themed, both the furniture and the clothes. The furniture he offers includes a wall, floor, rug, treasure chest, cannon, ship wheel, and three different kinds of barrels. The outfits include different dresses, overcoats, stripped shirts, boots, bandanas, as well as a hat, eye patch, fake beard and crown.

There’s a lot to collect, which means you’re either going to have to keep your eyes open for Pirate Gulliver all the time, or you’ll have to time travel like crazy in order to get them all. We’re not sure whether these will only be available for a limited time, so it’s best to get the ones you want as soon as you can.

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