Animal Crossing Secret Tip - Plant Trees, Bushes, Flowers on Paths

There’s a glitch in Animal Crossing that you can use to plant trees, bushes, flowers, and other stuff on paths. It’s an easy thing to do, and basically lets you put plants on top of tiled areas. It doesn’t really mess with the game in any important way; the only thing it does is let you make your island a little bit prettier. We’ll explain exactly how the bug works in our Animal Crossing Secret Tip – Plant Trees, Bushes, Flowers on Paths guide.

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animal crossing secret tip plant trees bushes flowers on paths
Animal Crossing Secret Tip – Plant Trees, Bushes, Flowers on Paths

How to Plant Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees, Bushes, Flowers on Paths?

To plant trees, bushes, flowers, bamboo, etc on paths in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you have to exploit a glitch. The bug was discovered by YouTuber Mayor Mori, and it works on stone, brick, arch tile, terracotta, and wooden paths. It doesn’t really change the game in any super-meaningful way, but it does let you make your island a little more aesthetically pleasing. Planting something this way lets you avoid those unseemly patches of grass inside your paved areas. Here’s how it works.

The first step is to go ahead and pave the area you want, with whichever path tiles you choose. Then, select a construction kit from your inventory (any building at all will do, from villager’s houses to shops, your own house, etc) and hover it over the path tiles. Then, select the “let me imagine it” option. When the game asks you whether this is a good spot, say “I need to rethink it.”

This will back out of the building menu, but will also trigger the glitch. The game will think that the tiled area is now dirt again. So, feel free to dig it up as you would regular earth, and plant whatever you want. You can even bury something in there, if you want to. And that’s how you plant trees, flowers, bushes on paths in Animal Crossing. It’s a simple process, once you know that it’s there. Enjoy playing around with it!

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