Watch Dogs Legion Online Best Recruits

Best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion Online are basically people that will turn your team into a lean, mean, hacking machine. There are a number of specialized recruits in Watch Dogs Online that are invaluable, and even indispensable for certain missions and activities. So, which are the best recruits? Where do you find them in Watch Dogs Legion Online? Well, keep reading to find out!

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watch dogs legion online best recruits
Watch Dogs Legion Online Best Recruits

Best Recruits in Watch Dogs Legion Online

The best recruit in Watch Dogs Legion Online is the hitman, since they have awesome guns and combat maneuvers. You can find a hitman near the Brewer St. fast travel point, in the alley between Red Boudoir and Club Fantasy, like in the single players. However, to recruit a hitman, you have to complete an raid that won’t launch until late March. So, just note the location and leave it for now.

Next up, spies. If you have enough influence to recruit them, spies are excellent additions to your crew. They usually hang around the MI-6 building and County Hall. Speaking of turning enemies into allies, always keep tabs on Albion agents and Crew Kelly members. Both of these can be recruited if you have enough influence, and both have very useful perks and weapons. Albion are also fantastic for infiltration, since they’re basically police.

As for civilians best Watch Dogs Legion Online recruits, you absolutely need to have a Construction Worker. You can find them around the Solar Garden building. Their main use is the Cargo Drone, which grants easy access to weird areas. This ability is invaluable when hunting for hot spots. They are, after all, the only way that you can get masks in Watch Dogs Legion Online.

Next on the best recruits list are people with influence. By that, I mean folks with the Police Contact perk or the Priority Care perk. These abilities shorten the time you spend in prison and hospital, respectively. Recruits like this are commonly found in more affluent, business-oriented parts of the city.

Last on our list of best recruits in Watch Dogs Legion are, well, common people. Just random folks you meet on the street. Don’t sleep on them. You never know whether they might have a cool weapon, or a perk you could find useful. After all, they are the ones you’re fighting for.

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