Tips & Tricks you should know in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is launched and players have many questions and concerns regarding this beautiful game. We have to admit some features from previous Animal Crossing games are not available here, but you will fall in love with this game as soon as you step on your island. In this guide we tried to collect and share with you tips & tricks that you should know while playing ACNH. If you have any additional questions you can always ask us in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to find the answers for you.

ACNH Tips and Tricks
Things you should know before playing Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. You will get 80 storage spaces once you have a house (not tent).
  2. You can even send e-mails with attachment to yourself and increase inventory space.
  3. You can utilize the empty space on the island as storage for now. You can drop piles of wood and insects ready for the museum. You can leave things on the ground (fossils, bugs, fish, wood, etc) and they will be there until you move them.
  4. You can buy more inventory space from Nook Miles Terminal for 5000 miles
  5. You can buy the slingshot, and other tool recipes from Timmy (press R for additional tab)
  6. You can buy the sturdier tool recipe from the Nook Miles
  7. Shaking trees repeatedly will give you 8-10 tree branches usually from a single tree
  8. Later in the game you’ll have the option to spend bells to move houses/buildings (How to move house and buildings guide)
  9. You can reorder items in your inventory by pressing A and moving them to another location (How to reorder your inventory)
  10. Hitting a rock with your shovel or axe a few times before eating a fruit and breaking it will result in more materials
  11. Stockpile all iron nuggets do not sell. They’re super useful and usually only spawn here and there on your island.
  12. Use Nook Miles for the airline ticket and get the iron nuggets from rocks on deserted islands (How to Get 30 Iron Nuggets for New Shop)
  13. Keep an eye out for the balloons. You’ll need a slingshot to take them down. You can get the recipe from Timmy. (How to catch ballon)
  14. You get 500 Nook miles if you shoot a present and it falls in the river…
  15. If you double click A while crafting something it will be done faster!
  16. For Redeeming Nook Miles – Select any Nook Mile task, and then flick the right stick in the left or right direction and you will go to the newest completed task.
  17. You will get one free Nook Miles Ticket from Tom Nook early in the game. These are what allow you to visit the mystery islands, but you have to wait until your technical second day to use it! The airport will not be operational until then.
  18. If you are using nook tickets for extra bells, consider saving them for night time. I used a nook ticket at night and ended up on a small island with a mini island in the middle. The island had a constant supply of tarantulas on it. Even if you get bit, you respawn right next to it. I made around 200000 just after one visit. (How to catch tarantula)
  19. You need 5 donations to Tom Nook to get Blathers to come. He will give you the pole recipe.
  20. Only one island per switch. (Problems with Sharing Island & Adding Second Player in ACNH)
  21. To get the axe to break down trees, you need to purchase the better than flimsy tool card with Nook miles. The Stone Axe will give you 3 woods without breaking down the tree but the regular non-flimsy axe will only produce two then break down the tree.
  22. Some bugs are buried underground and will need to be dug up
  23. Sell enough weeds to get the first 2 tiers of miles rewards
  24. You can’t turn off “I caught a..” animation
  25. Craft wooden table mirror and use it to change your hairstyle, appearance and add face paint (How to get tattoo).
  26. You can plant different fruits on your island
  27. Ladder and Vaulting Pole are not breakable in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  28. You can’t swim or dive in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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We would like to thank reddit users Ummagummas, WastedHyena, Azraeleon, Avgwitch, Schmittyface, Crazyredd88, jendestiny114, Beanisis, and many others for some great tips. If you have any additional tip please share it with us and the rest of ACNH community in the comments below.

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    Of course you can swim and dive in ACNH, you just need a wetsuit

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