How to Make Face Paint & Tattoos in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Face painting is one of the ways of customizing your character’s appearance in Animal Crossing New Horizons. After you’ve progressed through the game enough, you’ll be allowed to adorn your visage with paint, even going so far as making custom tattoo designs. If you’re when you get access to this feature and how it all works, this guide will show you how to make face paint & tattoos in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

how to make face paint tattoo animal crossing new horizons
How to Make Face Paint & Tattoos in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to paint your face?

First of all, you’ll need recipes for a wooden mini table and wooden table mirror. Go to a workbench and craft both – you’ll need nine wood and one iron nugget in total. Place them in your tent, one atop the other, then stand in front of them and press A. This will open up the customization menu.

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The last tab on the right is the face painting section. Once you’re there, you can either choose one of the exhisting designs, or use a blank slot to design your own.

How to make custom tattoos?

If you want to make a custom tattoo, you’ll first have to pick a blank slot in the face painting section of the character customization screen. You’ll see the canvas is divided into four sections – the lower two are for the cheeks, the upper two for the forehead. Each section is a 16×16 grid. If you’re handy with pixel art, you’ll probably manage to make something nice yourself. If not, go ahead and search for 16×16 pixel art examples and references online. Just keep scrolling until you find something that tickels your fancy, then replicate it in the game’s editor.

how to tattoo face in acnh

Thanks to Reddit user UriahPedrad for figuring the whole thing out and sharing it. Feel free to share your own designs in the comments.

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