What the Opening Questions Affect in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons opening questions are questions that you have to answer at the very start of the game. So, naturally, people have been trying to figure out just how the starting questions in Animal Crossing New Horizons affect the game, such as the fruit, the airport color, the colors of your cot, lantern and radio, and so on. Well, we’l present to you our conclusions in our What the Opening Questions Affect in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide.

What the Opening Questions Affect in Animal Crossing New Horizons
What the Opening Questions Affect in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Opening Questions – What Do They Affect?

As far as we can tell, the opening questions in Animal Crossing New Horizons don’t affect anything in the game. At most, it might influence which gift you’ll get from your mother the first time she sends you something. However, that too is just speculation. As far as the look of the island, the colors of different stuff etc, the opening questions mean nothing. From what we can tell, generating the island is completely random.

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People on the internet (and us) have been testing stuff out by choosing different answers and resetting the game. There have been some correlations, such as choosing the “Something to kill time” netting a grey camo cot and a blue radio, but the color of the lantern is inconsistent. However, this is probably just coincidence, and is just the randomness factor playing with people’s pattern recognition.

The same goes for the color of the airport and the fruit you get; it’s completely random. Sometimes you’ll get a blue airport with pears, sometimes with cherries, sometimes with apples. Or, you can get an orange, yellow, or red airport with any combo of fruit. There might be some method to the madness, but it’s impossible for a simple combo of two answers (or maybe just one) to account for all the possible permutations.

In conclusion, if you are set on a certain airport color, or fruit, or radio color, etc. you will just have to keep resetting until you get what you want. You can play around with how you answer the opening questions and see what you get; however, in our experience, that won’t affect anything.

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  1. T

    Greetings !
    I just started animal Crossing new horizons couple days ago. If anyone can answer this for me because I am somewhat puzzled. Even though it is the smallest reason to restart my ACNH experience. I was wondering has anyone ran into choosing a boy avatar. And receiving a pink radio? Again I know a silly reason to want to restart my game. But I find it very random. I guess I was just wanting a red radio since my favorite color is red LOL

    1. J

      I got pink radio too lol (and im a boy)

  2. A

    Ok so I have a dilemma…
    I just got a new switch but I have already started anch On my old one, the data doesnt transfer to the new switch as you already may know. I spent about an hour trying to get my native fruit, peaches…and low and behold I got the perfect set up, blue airport, blue colorblock triangle pattern cot, peach trees, black radio and lantern, and blue and white sailor outfit…all Im trying to say is that is there ANY way possible that if I start on my new switch will I be able to get the same things? (No matter how long it takes), Please let me know!! I need to be able to know I can get the same things 🙁

    1. K

      You could start ur new island and move everything over! I’m doing that rn

  3. P
    Paige Morehouse

    Hello! Thanks I’ve been wondering a lot! Acnh has really been fun! I got it in December and already have almost 500 hours on IT! Just recently restarted my town! Anybody want my new or old town dream adress? ?

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