Computer Code at Fortress of Doom in Doom Eternal

Fortress of Doom is an inter-mission hub in Doom Eternal. It’s pretty much a regular level, just with less tension and more easter eggs. One of those is the Doomguy’s PC. You can interact with his computer, but some of the files are hidden behind a code. This guide will show you the Doom Eternal PC password at Fortress of Doom, so you can violate the protagonist’s privacy in full.

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doom eternal computer code fortress of doom
Doom Eternal Computer Code at Fortress of Doom

PC password at Fortress of Doom

The password for the computer at the Fortress of Doom is FLYNNTAGGART. That’s Flynn Taggart in all caps, with no space. Enter it and you’ll be granted full access to the PC. If you’re wondering who Flynn Taggart is and why the Doom Slayer uses that name to protect his sensitive files, and you’re too lazy to investigate it, we’ve got your back. It appears Taggart is the hero of the series of Doom novels (yes, that is a thing), based on the protagonist of the original games. Apparently, at some point in the long-running narrative of the novels, someone made a copy of his mind and placed it in a simulation, forcing him to go through the events of the first two games forever. Sounds familiar?

doom eternal fortress of doom pc password

Anyway, it’s just a nice little easter egg. Or maybe the missing link between the novels, old games, new games, comic books, figurines and the tabletop RPG; at least if you’re Mel Gibson from the 1997 movie Conspiracy Theory. What I’m more interested in is why is the PC password protected at all? It’s not like there are other human beings around to read his diary or change his desktop wallpaper to a risqué image of Tom Selleck or whatever, and Cacodemons are blissfully fingerless. Maybe it’s just the military training – better safe than sorry and all.

SPOILER: The actual contents of the files are easy enough to predict. The first file is an installation of the original 1993 game, and you can unlock it by collecting 14 floppy disks. One could easily presume that the second file is an installation of the second game, and one would be absolutely right if one presumed so. The olden PC in the ship’s cockpit is actually a way to play through the original two games within Doom Eternal. It’s a nice easter egg basically, and a cool way to give the golden oldies a try without spending additional money. If you do end up liking them, you can buy them at most digital storefronts. If you’re playing on PC, make sure you check out the still vibrant modding community.



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