Anthem Arcanist Faction Loyalty Rewards - Paints & Blueprints

Arcanist faction rewards are a set of items you can get in Anthem. They’re given out to players who manage to increase their faction loyalty by completing challenges. There are three levels of faction reputation, each with its own rewards. These include various crafting blueprints and some appearance items. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Anthem arcanist faction loyalty rewards.

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anthem arcanist loyalty faction rewards
Anthem Arcanist Faction Loyalty Rewards – Paints & Blueprints

Arcanist loyalty 1 – uncommon weapon sigils

Upon completing the first challenge, you’ll get a set of around a dozen uncommon blueprints. They’ll allow you to craft the green versions of all the weapon sigils available in the game. Each of these consumables gives you 10% more damage and 10% bigger ammo reserves for that weapon, during one expedition. Here are the blueprints included in the package:

Shotgun sigil
Marksman rifle sigil
Sniper rifle sigil
Heavy pistol sigil
Assault rifle sigil
Light machine gun sigil
Machine pistol sigil
Autocannon sigil
Grenade launcher sigil

Arcanist loyalty 2 – rare weapon sigils

Once you reach loyalty level 2, you’ll be rewarded with the rare versions of all the sigils we’ve mentioned above. If you craft them, they’ll give you 15% more damage and 15% more ammo capacity for a single weapon type, for the duration of one expedition. This time around, you’ll also get three paint jobs – tungsten, silver and platinum.

Arcanist loyalty 3 – epic weapon sigil blueprints

The final faction reputation level-up will upgrade your weapon sigils to epic quality. Their background color will change to purple, and they’ll start giving you 20% more damage and 20% bigger ammo pouches for the affected weapons. They’re still valid for a single mission only, so make sure you have enough epic embers to craft new ones before activating one. No less important are the new metallic paints you’ll unlock. This time, it’s the brown family – you’ll get copper, brass and bronze.

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