Metro Exodus How to Get Decommunization Trophy - Taiga Statue

Decommunization in Metro Exodus is one of the trophies / achievements that you can unlock in the game. To get the Metro Exodus Decommunization achievement / trophy, you have to destroy a specific statue in the Taiga chapter. There’s a number of statues in the Taiga, and you need just the one. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s stowed away far in the corner of the map. That being the case, here’s our Metro Exodus How to Get Decommunization Trophy guide to show you where to find the statue you need to destroy in the Taiga chapter.

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Metro Exodus How to Get Decommunization Trophy Taiga Statue
Metro Exodus How to Get Decommunization Trophy – Taiga Statue

How to Unlock Decommunization Trophy in Metro Exodus?

To get the Decommunization trophy in Metro Exodus, you’ll have to destroy a specific statue in the Taiga chapter. The first step is to go all the way to the south of the map. The southwest corner, to be exact. When you get there, you’ll enter a kind of camp for children. It’s as USSR-looking as everything else in the game. At the entrance, you’ll see a rusty welcome sign above the gate, and several signs depicting sports activities, like wrestling, swimming, and kayaking. Oh, and there’s a shell of a car there, too.

From the entrance, turn right. You’ll immediately spot a statue in the distance, at the end of the paved path. So, head straight for it. As you approach, you might notice that this is, in fact, a statue of none other than comrade Lenin. What you have to do is destroy it. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste your precious ammo on it, melee attacks should work just fine. All you have to do is smack the statue several times, and pieces will start falling off. Eventually, the Decommunization achievement will pop up. And writing this put me on some Russian watch list, I just know it.

If you need a more visual guide to find the statue of Lenin that you have to wreck, please check out our video below. And, in case you need further help with the game, please check out some of our other Metro Exodus guides, including Terminal Key – Night Vision Goggles Suit Upgrade Location, How to Reach Oasis with Bucket Lift – Roller Coaster Trophy, and How to Kill Demon with Fire – Firebird Trophy, among others.

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