Anthem Delay to Early 2019 Officially Confirmed by EA

EA has officially confirmed that Anthem, Bioware’s upcoming multiplayer sci-fi shooter, won’t be coming out this year. We’ll have to wait until early 2019 to play it. That does’t mean that EA is leaving us with nothing. Instead of Anthem, we’ll be getting another Battlefield this October. Good grief.

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Anthem Delay to Early 2019 Officially Confirmed by EA
Anthem Delay to Early 2019 Officially Confirmed by EA

A few days ago, we covered a story that Kotaku originally broke: that Anthem will get delayed to 2019. Since then, both EA and Bioware have kept quiet about the whole thing. The report on Kotaku went into details as to why the delay of Anthem will happen. It featured several anonymous sources, and it basically revealed some possible cracks appearing both in Bioware and EA after the failures of 2017.

Well, EA has finally broken the silence in a quarterly earnings call to investors. Of course; where else would we learn potentially vital information than in investor calls, at least as far as EA goes. To be fair, they also reached out to Wall Street Journal, and Sarah Needleman shared it on Twitter. According to them, Anthem will indeed come out in early 2019. They deny “a report in videogame site Kotaku… claiming the change is due to development being behind schedule.” That’s very nice of them to clear up. The Kotaku report never even mentioned development behind schedule, but oh well.

More importantly, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen has stated that this is not a delay at all. They just want to leave breathing space for the new Battlefield, which will come out in October of this year. See, this makes things so much more clear. They’re not delaying the game; they’re just launching Anthem at a date after the one they originally wanted. See? It all checks out. Either way, the final result of the whole commotion is: Anthem is now coming out in early 2019. Sorry, everyone who had been hoping for a competitor to Destiny this year.

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