Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Launch Date Set for February 9th

The launch date for Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has been announced. The game will be coming out for Android, iOS, and even Windows 10 Mobile devices. The release date is set for February 9th. You’ll be able to play the first chapter but every following one will cost money. Or, you can just buy the whole thing for twenty bucks.

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Launch Date Set for February 9th
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Launch Date Set for February 9th

Over a year after it first launched, Final Fantasy XV is still going strong. The game has released all of the promised DLC for FFXV, and Square Enix has really delivered on their promises. Of course, considering that the game is still pretty popular, they aren’t just going to let it putter out from now on. Like we’ve covered before, they’re preparing to release Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, which is essentially the game’s GOTY edition. It’s coming out in March, and when it does, FFXV is finally going to be on PC.

A month before the Royal Edition, however, we can expect the launch of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. Its release date is February 9th, according to the App Store listing, and it’s coming out on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile devices. Yes, Windows Phone owners, even you can get in on the fun! You can already pre-order the game, so you’ll know exactly when it launches.

Now, if you take even a cursory look at the listing linked above, you’ll notice that the price of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is free. Well, hold your horses. Only the first of ten chapters are free, according to the Final Fantasy XV website. Chapters Two and Three will cost $0.99 each. Lastly, Chapters Four to Ten cost $3.99 each. Alternatively, you can buy the whole thing in one fell swoop for $19.99. Oh, Square Enix, you sneaky little devils.

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