Anthem Ember Pieces - Lighting A Fire - Prospero Quest

Ember pieces are crafting items in Anthem. They’re used to create inscriptions and other gear items, and you’ll need to collect three of them to unlock the forge. Prospero, one of the NPCs at Fort Tarsis, will give you a quest called Lightning a Fire, which tasks you with just that. Some players are having trouble finding the required ember pieces, which is why we’ve decided to write a guide about Anthem ember piece locations.

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anthem ember pieces lighting a fire prospero quest
Anthem Ember Pieces – Lighting A Fire – Prospero Quest

How to get ember pieces?

Ember pieces, in this context, are just pieces of any tier of ember. Since this is early game we’re talking about, they’re most probably going to be uncommon embers. You can get them by harvesting material nodes in free play, looting chests and taking part in world events. For more info on this, check out our ember farming guide.

Here are three nodes which we used to get the required ember pieces. Keep in mind they might drop a different material for you, or that another player might’ve harvested them recently. Both problems are solved by waiting, as the nodes respawn after a while.

Prospero quest

When you talk to Prospero shortly after completing the first two missions, he’ll ask you to go into free play and bring him back three ember pieces. He’s in charge of the vanity store at Fort Tarsis, and you’ll find him at one of the stalls near the javelin bay. It’s the second to last one on the left, if you’re going towards the bay. Aside from operating the vanity store and giving you the odd mission, he’s also in charge of crafting.

How to unlock crafting in Anthem?

In order to unlock crafting, you’ll need to talk to Prospero, accept the Lighting a Fire mission, find the three ember pieces and bring them back to him. He’ll use them to relight the forge, giving you a place to craft items.

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