Metro Exodus How to Defeat Bear - Master of the Forest Trophy

How to defeat the bear in Metro Exodus is a pretty pressing question. The monster is truly frightening, and it seems like it can’t be defeated. None of your weapons seem to be able to kill it. So, you’ll have to get creative in order to kill it. Plus, there’s a trophy / achievement on the line, called Master of the Forest. All of that said, here’s our Metro Exodus How to Defeat Bear – Master of the Forest Trophy will show you how to survive these encounters, and how to earn the Master of the Forest trophy.

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Metro Exodus How to Defeat Bear Master of the Forest Trophy
Metro Exodus How to Defeat The Bear – Master of the Forest Trophy

EDIT: The original text contains a few mistakes. First off, to get the Master of the Forest trophy, you have to battle the bear when you first meet it until you make it run away. A combo of Molotov cocktails and shooting the monster should work well. Also, the second time you meet the bear, you apparently have to deal damage to it in order to trigger the cutscene where it falls off the cliff. Thank you to our reader Devon for pointing out the mistakes. Original text follows.

How to Kill Bear in Metro Exodus?

The fact of the matter is, you can’t kill the man-bear-pig monster in Metro Exodus. You can shoot at it as much as you want, it’s not going to go down. The best you can do is stagger it for a bit. Instead, what you have to do is run away.

Basically, what you have to do is bolt in the other direction from where the bear came a-smashing trough. Then, when you get the chance, double back and juke around the monster. Run to the rope to the left of the now-tattered gate. Cut it by pressing Square on PlayStation 4 or X on Xbox One (not sure what it is on PC; whatever your binding for interaction is).

When the ladder drops down, all you have to do is grab on and clamber up to safety. If the bear catches up to you, you might have to run another circle around the graveyard and then grab hold of the ladder. Getting to safety should earn you the Master of the Forest trophy. Unfortunately, this is not the last you’ll see of the bear.

How to Beat Metro Exodus Bear?

When you meet the monster again, it’ll certainly be in a high-octane situation. The monster will be ablaze, and wreak a lot of destruction in its wake. As soon as the game puts you behind the wheel again, run over to the zipline. In a little bit, the monster will attack again. Unfortunately, you still can’t harm it; fortunately, you’re almost done with it.

As the bear tries to get you, the cliff you’re standing on is going to start crumbling, and the whole thing is going to come crashing down. It’s much trickier than it sounds, though. You’ll basically have to bait the bear into attacking you, and maybe even take some punishment, too; all the while, you have to hope that you’re in the right spot for the bear to fall down the cliff. Once you finally manage to pull it off, you’ll be able to make your way to safety, back to the Aurora. Thankfully, you can forget about the monster now, and instead focus on the other miseries that the game has in store.

And, that’s that, really. If the game is giving you trouble with something else, please feel free to check out some of our other Metro Exodus guides, such as Where to Tune Radio – Join Us on Air Trophy, How to Fix Broken Gas Mask – Martian Trophy, and How to Scrap Weapons & Clean Guns.

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  1. D
    Dylan Hubbard

    Nope doesnt work tried endless times and just gets mauled by the bear. No animation happens no quick time events no crumbling. This stupid fucking bear is ridiculous. Why cant i jus use the zip line before this stupid bs.

    1. E

      Yeah same here. Broken i guess. No fix i can find. Videos all show the people beating the hell out of it until the cut scene happens. Not working for me. Silence on issues like this are common. They dont know, so they won’t say anything until they do.

    2. J

      What we did is stand on the edge of the cliff, bait the bear towards us, and as it attacked us, it stepped onto the edge of the cliff and fell down. It’s incredibly tricky to pull off, and, honestly, it might have been an accident. That said, this is the best info we have for you.

  2. D

    If you’re trying to get the achievement, this guide is misleading and inaccurate. If you read the achievement, it says, “Stand your ground against the bear at the first encounter” i.e. Don’t run away from the bear in the first encounter like this “guide” says to do. To get the achievement, you need to deal enough damage to the bear until it runs away. Use molotovs to stun the bear and then use your guns/crossbow to damage the bear even more. After a few minutes, the bear will retreat and you will get the achievement. Similarly, during the second encounter, you can’t trigger the cut scene right away. You need to run around the arena dealing damage with molotovs and weapons. After you deal enough damage, the bear will attack you which will then trigger the cut scene.

    1. T

      Devon is 100% correct after failing like 100 times I did as he said emptied all my guns in the bear and at the cliff edge when the bear hit me boom I got the cut scene on the first try .Thank you Devon.

      1. D

        Devon (or anyone) – when the train carriage dumped us off into the river, the back pack and weapons were lost. Found the back pack as per the game dictates, but the guns were never recovered. Where the hell are they? How, when or where, do I recover them?

        1. P

          You can just get your guns back at ANY time by going to the train and re-equipping them once you find the train

  3. L

    There’s a spot next to the cliff behind the zip line tensioner. If you go there and kneel, he can’t get you and you can unload all your ammo etc into his head. Then when your out of everything, walk out and when he hits you the cut scene will start

    1. A
      Andre w

      This worked for me also,, thanks for the info.. After plenty tried just sitting at the edge without unloading lol smh,,

  4. D

    Excellent tip, worked like a charm, especially as I picked up no guns along the way, had only a dozen bolts and 1 molly as trying for the Forest Child cheevo. I could see no other way of defeating the bear apart from reloading the level. This is the most useful tip I have had In all my many years of gaming. Thanks Levi.

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