Anthem How to Get Multi-Kills - Trial of Cariff

Multi-kills are a kind of feat in Anthem. Getting one requires you to kill several enemies at the same time, or in quick succession. It sounds simple on paper, but it really isn’t. A lot of people have been complaining about being unable to score the multikills required for the Trial of Cariff. If you’re in the same boat, this guide should help you by showing you how to get multi-kills in Anthem.

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anthem how to perform multi-kills
Anthem How to Get Multi-Kills – Trial of Cariff

How to perform multikills?

Latest update:
BrenonHolmes, Technical Design Director, posted on reddit how you can be sure that you have performed multi-kills: “8 kills with a 10 second timeout between each (which resets every time you get a kill)“.

First off, you need to know that anything short of five enemies won’t count. You’ll need at least five enemies killed at basically the same time for it to count. Participation isn’t being rewarded here – you need to land the final blow. It’s supposed to register when they’re killed in quick succession as well, but it doesn’t seem to at this point. Your best bet would be to kill five or more enemies at precisely the same time then.

This means using an area of effect attack. But it can’t be your ultimate ability, as those have a separate feat and counter. This means the surest way you have of getting this feat is by going out in a storm javelin, going into a stronghold on easy mode and spamming your AoE attacks until you’ve completed the challenge. You can also use a weapon that does AoE damage, like a grenade launcher or cannon (if you’re playing a colossus).

If it still doesn’t register, there are several other things you could try. The first is restarting the game and the Origin client. Rebooting your PC wouldn’t hurt either. After you’ve booted the game again, you can try getting into an activity by yourself. There were reports of people being unable to perform multi-kills in groups, but having no issue when they went in alone.

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