Anthem Javelin Exosuit Gear Types & Upgrades Explained

Javelin exosuits are the most important piece of gear in Anthem. They dictate what your freelancer is capable of, their skills and abilities, as well as their role in combat. You can customize them to create a character that perfectly fits your preferences. They were talked about only briefly, but we’ve managed to put together all the info on them using the trailers.

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anthem javelin exosuit
Anthem Javelin exosuits

All the suits seem to have the same basic maneuvrability modules. They allow you to fly, hover, dive and run really fast. Each also comes with a special attack akin to the super abilities from Destiny. This is where the similarities end, though – each javelin type functions like a class, and it seems you’ll be allowed to own more, letting you switch classes whenever you need to.

Javelin exosuit types/classes

The trailer suggests there are a bunch of types, each with its own basic purpose. Only two have been shown off long enough to give us something to talk about – the ranger and colossus suits.

  • Ranger javelin – The ranger is the jack of all trades, not really excelling at any single task, but also not having any crucial weak points. We’ve seen it equipped with a rocket launcher.
  • Colossus javelin – The colossus is the tank. It has a hefty frame and can both soak up and deal lots of damage.

Javelin exosuit upgrades & modifications

The javelins’ biggest quality is that they’re highly customizable. You can swap out parts, replacing weapons and modifications as you please. There should be plenty of options, and you’ll earn them as quest rewards, combat loot or maybe even create them on your own.

This should make thing much more interesting, at least in theory. In practice… well, you can be certain that optimal builds will be figured out as soon as the game’s out.

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