Hitman Prologue for Free on all Platforms Comes with June Update

As of today, you can play the beginning of Hitman for free on all platforms. If you decide to play the game for free, and then buy it, you’ll be pleased to know that your progress will transfer to the full game, once purchased. The good news comes with Hitman’s June update, whose fixes and tweaks make the game even better.

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To claim this free deal, there is the official game link that leads to Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One stores. The Steam update might take a little longer than on the consoles, but you can expect to see it there soon enough.

The content of this deal includes the following:

  • 2 Story missions, including all cut-scenes
  • 2 Escalations Contracts
  • 40+ Challenges
  • 17 Achievements/trophies

After Hitman went indie as IO interactive successfully bought itself, it made a great new step forward. If you have time, be sure to show your support by at least checking out the free part.

Hitman June 2017 Update Notes 1.11.1

The June update is expected to go live for all players between 11 AM and 1 PM UTC. The size of the patch is around 600 MB (PS4), 1 GB (Xbox One) and 1.8 GB (PC). You can read all about it on the Hitman Update page. Here are the patch notes.

  • ICA Facility Improvements – We’ve made some changes to the player experience in the ICA Facility Location. These include level design, AI and UI improvements in all missions and contracts in the ICA Facility. Note: Due to these changes, previous game saves in this location will not be valid.
  • Global Hints – We’ve added a new system of global hints that will explain some of the game’s mechanics to new players. These can be toggled in the settings menu and are set to ‘On’ by default.
  • The Adrian Eclipse – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause this contract to be ‘failed’ unfairly. We removed it from the game in March and now it’s back in. Find it under the Paris Destination.
  • Bootflow Options – We’ve tweaked the bootflow of the game with a new background and shortened the time it takes to get into the game.
  • Suit Only, Hunted – We’ve fixed an issue that could cause the ‘Hunted’ state to apply to 47’s suit, even if he was wearing a different disguise when compromised.
  • Bareknuckle Boxer – We’ve fixed an issue that could make it impossible for 47 to poison Novikov’s drink in The Showstopper during the ‘A Drink to Die For’ opportunity.
  • Steam Achievement Localisation – We’ve updated the localized names and descriptions of the Steam achievements .
  • Menu Tweaks – We’ve made minor tweaks to the overall menus, especially the Options Menu to ensure consistency when selecting buttons.
  • Known Issues/ Trespassing vs Hostile Area – In some locations, the mini-map status will display ‘trespassing’ even when 47 is in a hostile area. This issue has already been fixed, but not in time to make it into this release. In our next update, this fix will be implemented and the correct status will display. Note that the set-ups for hostile areas has not changed, it’s purely the incorrect status being listed on the mini-map status.
  • Known Issues/ Unconscious Witness – The ‘Unconscious Witness’ status notification above the minimap is not shown. Instead, the ‘Compromised’ state is shown. This is an unintended result of the UI changes made to the ICA Facility and has already been fixed, but not in time to make it into this release. In our next update, this fix will be implemented and the correct status will display. Note that this is purely a visual bug and will have no impact on the current scoring system.

There is another game you can pick up for free today on Origin as a part of the On the House program. It is a 2004 title called Medal of Honor Pacific Assault. Quite unrelated with Hitman, except for the fact you can play them both for free.

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