Anthem Legendary & Masterwork Weapons - Effects & Perks

Legendary and masterwork weapons are the best guns you can get in Anthem. They have the best stats, the most power, and the most interesting perks and effects. You’ll only be able to obtain them later on in the game, either through crafting or loot drops, and a lot of people are interested how legendaries from their chosen weapon class behave. This guide is going to give you a list of all Anthem legendary & masterwork weapons, their effects and perks.

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anthem legendary masterwork weapons effects perks
Anthem Legendary & Masterwork Weapons – Effects & Perks

All masterwork & legendary weapons

All of these weapons can only appear in masterwork and legendary variants. Both versions will have the masterwork effect/perk, but the legendary one will have better stats. Here’s the full list, with names, types and effects:

Weapon nameTypeEffect/Perk
Artinia’s GambitLMGWhen reloading, detonates a combo explosion in the immediate area
Avenging HeraldHeavy pistolHovering increases weapon damage by 200%
Glorious ResultsHeavy pistolHitting 2 enemy weak points increases weapon damage by 150% for 5 seconds
Fist of StralAutocannonHitting enemies increases weapon damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Stacks to 10.
Cycle of PainLMGWeak points hits increase weapon rate of fire by 10% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 10.
Ralner’s BlazeAssault rifleIgnites the target while on a hit streak (5).
Vassa’s SurpriseMachine pistolOn a melee hit, gain 25% ammo in the magazine.
Endless SiegeAutocannonBase magazine size is increased by 100% and base damage is increased by 100%.
Papa PumpShotgunReloading increases force and delivers bonus damage of 150% for 5 seconds. Stacks to 2.
Retaliation of GarretusMachine pistolWhen suit health declines, weapon damage increases by 125% for 10 seconds.
The Last StandAutocannonWhen suit health declines, weapon damage increases by 125% for 10 seconds.
Divine VengeanceAssault rifleEvery third weak point hit causes large fire explosions.
Thunderbolt of YveniaMarksman rifleHas a 33% chance to deal large electric damage.
Sentinel’s VengeanceGrenade launcherDetonates an area acid effect on a small hit-streak.
Insult and InjuryGrenade launcherDefeating an enemy clears harmful status effects and boosts effect resistance by 75% for 10 seconds.
Pyrrhic VictoryAssault rifleDefeating an enemy, or hitting them 10 times, causes a force explosion.
Truth of TarsisSniper rifleHitting weak points on enemies under a status effect will set off a chain combo.
Renewed CourageLMGLast shot reduces recoil by 50% for the next 20 seconds. Stacks to 2.
Elemental RageAssault rifleHitting Elite enemies increases all elemental damage by 5% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 20.
Gawin’s VengeanceGrenade launcherFires a round that detonates into four smaller projectiles.
Close EncounterHeavy pistolDashing increases weapon damage by 75% for 10 seconds.
Siege BreakerSniper rifleOn a hit-streak (3), shots freeze the target.
Rolling CarnageShotgunDashing increases this weapon’s damage by 50% for 20 seconds. Stacks to 3.
Radiant FortressShotgunHitting 8 shots in a single burst recharges shields by 35%.
Light of The LegionMarksman rifleEmptying the magazine recharges shields.
Unending BattleMachine pistolHitting an (Elite or higher) enemy at point-blank range increases weapon and melee damage by 110% for 5 seconds.
Wyvern BlitzSniper rifleHovering while firing increases weapon weak point damage by 40%.
Balm of GavinicusGrenade launcherHitting 2 enemies restores 25% armor.
Death from AboveMarksman rifleWhile hovering, increases weak point damage by 65%.
Soothing TouchMarksman rifleHits reduce recoil by 50%. Stacks to 3 for 5 seconds.
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