Anthem High Road Exploration Challenge Locations - All Districts

High Road is the first area you’ll explore in Anthem. It’s the zone around Fort Tarsis, in the southwestern part of the map. There’s a challenge called High Road Exploration, that rewards you for visiting all eight of the districts within it. You’ll only get 800 gold when you complete it, but if you’re a completionist, you probably don’t even consider the rewards. This guide will help you complete the challenge by showing you all Anthem High Road exploration locations.

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anthem high road exploration challenge locations
Anthem High Road Exploration Challenge Locations – All Districts

High Road district locations

Tarsis Falls is the first area you’ll visit once you leave Fort Tarsis. It’s directly north of the stronghold, and you can’t really miss it. Next up is Tarsis Bypass. It’s a cave system to the left from the entrance to the hub. It connects the area with Academy Ruins, and is home to the Tomb of Yvenia.

If you go a bit to the north, you’ll find a district called Watchtower of Arath. It’s high atop a mesa near the cliffside shanty town. Continuing north past the mountain range, you’ll end up in Tower Road, a beautiful area filled with ancient ruins and downed spaceships. Follow the narrow mountain pass farther north, and you’ll end up in Hureen Slide, the site of a catastrophic incident.

If you keep heading north, you’ll reach a district called Serpent’s View before you hit the plains. It has a big spire in the middle and a bunch of abandoned machinery. Head west under the rocky massif and you’ll end up at the Giant’s Crossroads. The last place left is the Last Sentinel. It’s a landmark on the top of a crooked fortress north of Fort Tarsis. If you play the video below, you’ll see what each area looks like, with exact map markings leading you there.

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