Anthem Play Style Medals & Feats - Soldier, Executioner, Artillery, Sage

Play style medals are awarded to players after every expedition in Anthem. There are four of them – soldier, executioner, artillery, sage – and which one you’ll get depends on what feats you accomplished during the mission. The medals themselves are simply there to give you feedback on your play style, showing you which role you favored during a quest. The feats, on the other hand, increase the amount of XP you get. If you’re wondering which feats are required for which medal, keep reading our Anthem play style medals & feats guide.

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anthem play style medals feats soldier executioner sage artillery
Anthem Play Style Medals Explained – Soldier, Executioner, Artillery, Sage

How to get each play style medal

Each of the medals is tied to a certain play style. As you play the mission, you’ll accomplish feats by doing simple things, like killing enemies, reviving allies, using combos and weapons, harvesting materials and such. Each feat counts towards one of the four archetypes – soldier, artillery, executioner and sage. The archetype with the most feats at the end of the expedition wins. Here’s how to get each of them:

Soldier: Includes feats for weapon use, killing elite enemies, hitting weak points
Executioner: Obtained through feats for using ultimate abilities, melee and killing legendary enemies
Artillery: Includes feats tied to using gear and combos, as well as scoring multi-kills
Sage: Obtained through feats for harvesting material nodes, reviving allies and collecting stuff

There are three tiers for each feat – bronze, silver and gold. For instance, you need 10 ultimate kills for the bronze version of the associated feat, and the number rises for the silver and gold ones. The higher the tier, the more weight it carries in calculating which play style medal you’ll get. Once the expedition is over, the feats are restarted.

Feats list

There are sixteen feats in total. Most fit within the four categories above, but there’s also a general category, which houses stuff like a feat for completing world events. You can access the list of feats in-game by opening up the map during a mission or free play, then heading to the Tracked tab. Here’s a full list:

  • Ally Javelins Repaired – Revive teammates
  • Collection – Find collectibles
  • Combos – Trigger combos on enemies
  • Elite Slayer – Kill elite enemies
  • Gear Master – Kill enemies using gear
  • Legendary Slayer – Kill legendary enemies
  • Materials Harvested – Interact with material nodes
  • Melee Master – Kill enemies using melee attacks
  • Mission Complete – Finish a mission
  • Multi-Kills – Kill several enemies at the same time (bigger groups mean faster progress)
  • Reinforcement – Help other players on missions
  • Stronghold Complete – Finish a stronghold
  • Ultimate Master – Kill enemies using your ultimate ability
  • Weak Point Striker – Kill enemies by hitting their weak points
  • Weapon Master – Kill enemies using weapons
  • World Events – Finish world events in free play
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