Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis Quest Bug - Cannot Complete Mission

Tomb of General Tarsis is a location you’ll get to visit during the main story missions in Anthem. You’ll find it at the end of a long quest chain involving lots of grinding, some puzzles and a handful of tough enemies. There’s a bug in the General Tarsis quest which is stopping a number of players from completing this mission. In this guide, we’re going to show you how others managed to work around the Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis quest bug.

anthem tomb of general tarsis quest bug
Anthem Tomb of General Tarsis Quest Bug – Cannot Complete Mission

How to start Tombs of The Legionnaires quest

After you complete the Meeting With Corvus quest, you’ll unlock strongholds. At this point, you’ll also find out Faye is looking to talk to you in the Enclave. Go and speak to her, and you’ll start the Tombs of the Legionnaires free play quest, which is one of the longest quest chains in the game.

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Where to find Tomb of General Tarsis?

In order to find the Tomb of General Tarsis, you’ll have to complete the four challenges of the legionnaires. Each challenge is a pretty serious grind – you’ll have to complete activities, open chests, harvest nodes, kill enemies and more. Completing them will give you access to the tombs of Yvenia, Artinia, Gawness and Cariff. Once you’ve opened up and looted all four tombs, you’ll discover the location of the Tomb of General Tarsis.

Tomb of General Tarsis story progression bug

Once you’ve found the tomb, a series of puzzles and fights awaits you. It’s a pretty challenging dungeon, and you’ll have to complete it in order to push the main story forward. Several players have complained about a bug which stopped them from completing this mission, which appears at the very end.

It happens when you land on the strider. This is supposed to trigger the ending, but sometimes it just doesn’t. The first thing you should try if this happens to you is using the respawn option from the map screen. There were some reports of the mission working if you complete it solo, so you could try that if you’re up for a challenge. Some think it has to do with players joining via quickplay, and that the problem disappears once the quickplay person leaves the session.

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  1. A

    i had that problem at the beginning and i still have it.standing in front of the tomb door doesnt show me the trials.and on the challenge menu i dont have the freeplay missions so i can see the trial challenge,its like it doesnt exist and wont accept it.ive RR the game several times but nothing happens

    1. B

      I am alone facing the same issue, there are no breadcrumbs (trails) for the quest when in free, yet the quest tells me to go look for it. I thought the issue was that an event happened in the cave but after respa sw ming and restarting nothing happened.

    2. J

      dude i literally have the same issue its not showing the challenges under my journal and when i interact with the door there is no context menu that pops up like all the other missions and stuff

  2. J
    Jesse Overink

    I have the exact same thing, contact ea or bioware and report the bug. Just wait till its fixed 🙁

  3. A

    I completed the Tarsis javelin mission with friends before I was supposed to complete it in my personal story arch… didn’t see the cut scene, but got the trophy for completing the mission… got back on the next day, the mission showed back up, my legion 18 power marksman rifle disappeared for a few hours, and I had to redo the Tarsis javelin quest. Got to the end for the second time, it froze and lost connection before the fly over to the strider.

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