Anthem Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items - Legion of Dawn

Preorder bonus items in Anthem include legendary weapons, exclusive exosuits and vinyls. If you’ve bought thet Legion of Dawn deluxe edition, you’re going to get a bunch of fancy stuff, but it won’t be automatically added to your inventory. Instead, you’ll have to claim them at a certain place. If you haven’t figured it out already, this guide will show you where to find preorder bonus items in Anthem.

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anthem where to find preorder bonus items
Anthem Where to Find Preorder Bonus Items – Legion of Dawn

How to get preorder bonus items in Anthem?

You’ll need to claim your preorder bonus items through the vanity store. You can access it either by talking to Prospero at Fort Tarsis, or by interacting with one of the consoles by the launch pad. Once you’ve claimed the items, you’ll need to equip them. This can be done through the forge, like with any other item in the game.

The cosmetic items will be available from the get-go, while weapons and gear only become available after you complete Prospero’s mission. The soundtrack can only be accessed outside the game, and console players will get it once the game launches, on February 22nd.

Preorders of the standard edition are supposed to get a ranger Legion of Dawn suit, and a legendary weapon called Light of the Legion. Deluxe edition owners will get fancy suits for each of the classes – ranger, storm, colossus, interceptor – the aforementioned weapon and the Fist of The Mountain assault launcher. Both will also get a myriad of minor bonuses, like vinyls and decals, banners and such.

If you’re playing on console and the items don’t show up in the vanity store, make sure you’ve downloaded the deluxe edition DLC. You can either check through the library, or the game’s store page.

Legion of Dawn legendary weapons level

According to lead producer Ben Irving, the legendary gear and weapons drop at a specific level. They don’t scale to the level you are when you claim them. For instance, the Legion of Light weapon will drop at level 18, so you’ll be able to use it during your early days, but it won’t be as useful later on.

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