Anthem Errors - Server Issues, Connection Problems, Matchmaking Failed

Anthem has been released, at least for early access customers. A lot of people are trying to play it already, and a big portion of them are experiencing various connection problems and server issues. There are other errors from time to time – crashes, performance problems, the usual. Some of them can be avoided or fixed with simple workarounds, while others will require the attention of the developers at Bioware. This guide will show you a list of Anthem errors & problems, how to fix or avoid them if possible.

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Anthem Errors – Server Issues, Connection Problems, Matchmaking Failed

Connection Problem: The server has shut down

Most people having trouble with the game are affected by various connectivity issues. Sometimes you’ll get an error right away, other times you’ll reach the menu before getting blocked. Either way, there’s nothing you can do about this. This is an issue on the developers’ side, and they’ll have to work to fix it.

No servers matching your configuration found

Despite the wording, this one also isn’t your fault. Just sit tight and let the techies do their thing, hopefully sooner rather than later. You can try restarting the game, the Origin client and even your PC, but there’s no guarantee it will help. People are getting through, so it’s not impossible, but the gist of it is this: you can either keep banging your head and trying to get in, or give it a few hours before trying again.

Where to find Anthem EA Access on Xbox One?

Xbox players are supposed to get a trial for the game if they’re EA Access subscribers, but a lot of them can’t seem to find it. We managed to get it to work by going to the shop, opening up the game’s page through the “coming soon” section, then pressing the “in this bundle” button. By selecting Anthem from the list, we ended up on a page that allowed us to download the trial. Some people report doing this and getting a message that says it’s “still too early”, so your mileage may vary.

Framerate issues & FPS drops

Some people are having issues with low framerates and FPS drops on PC. A lot of the time, it’s due to the fact the game is running in a borderless window. If you switch to fullscreen, the issues should all go away.

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