Anthem Which Javelin To Play - How to Choose Starting Class

Javelins are exo suits you’ll get to use in Anthem. Each one – ranger, storm, colossus, interceptor – represents a different class. When you start the game, you’ll only be allowed to pick one. As you progress, you’ll get the chance to unlock the second javelin, then the third and eventually the fourth. Since it may take a while before you can use them all, it’s important to pick the one that fits best with your play style when you begin. This guide will show you how to choose which javelin to play in Anthem.

anthem how to choose which javelin to play
Anthem Which Javelin To Play – How to Choose Class

How to choose which javelin to play?

The ranger is the most versatile class. It has medium mobility, with the amount to double jump, roll and dodge. It’s not as fast as the quick classes, but it’s also not as sluggish as the colossus. It’ll give you a decent amount of health and shields, and access to all types of elemental damage, as well as grenades. It can use all weapons apart from the heavy ones, and its comboes do extra damage. The ultimate ability for this javelin is a missile barrage, which you can either focus on one large target, or spread over a group of weaker enemies.

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Storm is Anthem’s version of a mage. It has light armor and shields that are boosted when in flight. It cannot perform regular evasive maneouvres, but it can blink away from damage. It is the most fragile of all the javelins, but it has long range and short cooldowns on abilities. A lot of those are used for priming (like freezing attacks). It has access to all three types of elemental damage, but lacks in other kinds. The melee attack does a decent knockback, and combos spread the primed effects to nearby enemies. It can use all but the heaviest of weapon, and it’s ultimate abiltiy is the elemental storm, which allows you to prime all enemies in an area with ice/lightning/fire, then shoot them with a meteor which detonates them.

The interceptor is most similar to a rogue. It’s the fastest class, and the one with the most mobility. It can perform triple jumps, triple dash and double rolls. Its shields recharge faster when you’re on the move. The downside is that is has little health. It’s best used at medium to close range, as it has a super fast melee that can be chained an ungodly amount of times. The abilities allow it to mark targets for more damage, or clear debuffs off the whole team. When performing a combo on a primed target, you’ll get buffed by the effect it was primed with. It cannot use heavy weapons, and its ultimate ability charges its melee weapon, allowing it to do more damage.

Finally, the colossus is the tank. It cannot dodge and doesn’t have an energy shield, but it has the most health of all the javelins. It also has a physical shield, a piece of metal plating, which can block attacks and be used in melee. It has a bunch of AoE detonator effects, and it can taunt enemies to draw attention from the other teammates. Combos do AoE damage, so it’s all about dealing with groups. It cannot use pistols, but can use heavy weapons like cannons and grenade launchers. The ultimate ability is the siege cannon, which shoots three shots that cause enormous explosions.

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