Anthem How to Get Best Weapons - Crafting Blueprints

Best weapons in Anthem can be obtained in different ways. Which way works best for you will depend on your play style, but there is one way that’s probably the most secure way of getting the best weapons in Anthem. It will require some grinding, though; then again, it’s that kind of game. Our Anthem How to Get Best Weapons guide will show you arguably the best way to earn the best weapons in Anthem – with crafting blueprints.

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Anthem How to Get Best Weapons - Crafting Blueprints
Anthem How to Get Best Weapons – Crafting Blueprints

How to Get Best Weapons in Anthem?

To get the best weapons in Anthem, there are two ways to go about it. The first one is to complete missions and open chests to get weapons as drops. The other one is to craft them, using the blueprints you unlock on your way, and using embers (for more info on embers, check out our Ember Farming – How to Get Embers guide). However, crafting weapons might just turn out to be the optimal solution for you, but it does require you to main weapons. Then again, why wouldn’t you pick a few weapons as your favorites?

Here’s how it works. In order to unlock higher-level blueprints for weapons, you have to use a particular weapon quite a bit, and score a bunch of kills with it. Once you earn the blueprint, and as long as you have embers, you can craft it as many times as you want. That way, you can essentially re-roll the dice on the weapon’s stats as far as your embers will take you. This is a pretty strong argument for sticking to a handful of specific guns that work well for you. Otherwise, if you keep swapping out for every weapon you come across, you’re doomed to whatever roll the game gives you. True, this will make your progression kinda choppy, but whenever you do jump in gear quality, it will be in leaps and bounds.

Now, all of this said, there’s one more aspect to mention: whatever weapons work best for you are the best weapons in the game. You can go ahead and keep changing out weapons as you please, and experiment to your heart’s content. In fact, whether you opt to focus mainly on getting higher-level weapons through drops or through crafting, I’d say that it’s smart to switch through a number of weapons until you find what’s best for your play style.

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