17 Minutes of new Batman Gameplay

It’s only a few days until Batman: Arkham Origins hits the shelves, and if you are still unsure if an Arkham game made by anyone other than Rocksteady Studios can’t live up to the previous titles this video aims to prove you wrong.

Any Arkham veteran will recognize the game play instantly, lot’s of silent takedowns an freeflow combat, mixed with some cool gadgets and stealthy sneaking.
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The video’s biggest reveal is the fact that you will be able to visit the Batcave in this installment of the Arkham series, something that was missing from the previous game. In the Batcave you will not only be able to pick up new gadgets, but chat with Alfred and test out your combat skills.

There is sure to be more to encounter in this legendary location, and the whole game is looking like it will be a sure hit. You’ll be able to explore it all for yourself when Batman: Arkham Origins releases on the 25th of October.
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