Arkham Origins Enigma Extortion File Nine

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Enigma Extortion File 9 set is scattered across the Industrial District. We did the searching for you and have screenshots and maps and detailed explanation on how to find all of Enigma datapacks for this collection.
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List of all Enigma locations

  1. The first one is at the top of the GCR Tower, behind a satellite dish. As you can’t grapple to a platform where extortion file is, you should glide from the top of the nearest building to the northeast. After jumping from the building, glide down fast, and one second later, start gliding up. Using this style, you can reach GCR Tower top platform destination, as well as gliding over a long destinations without additional grappling, or landing.
  2. Head towards northernmost building in Industrial District. South from there, is a small passage on ground level, with one portable generator and four green pressure pads. Use your shock gloves gadget on this portable generator, step on each of four green pressure pads then slide into a small cage room with Enigma Extortion File.
  3. Between large, central, almost square building and another building at western part of Industrial District, on ground level, there is a small brick wall, with wooden boards at its entrance. Blow them up with explosive gel gadget.
  4. Jump on a rooftop-platform, on the central building in Industrial District. There is a locked controller, and you have to decipher the password with your Cryptographic Sequencer. This is one of the most funniest password puzzles, since there is a couple of combinations of two words that come in option, and you should find out the correct one. Since the correct answer* is a spoiler, we wrote it down at the end of this guide, for all of you that would like to solve it on your own.
  5. Unknown location
  6. On top of a long building, the first one to the south of “Industrial District” map mark, on a catwalk platform, you can find locked enigma console. In order to open it, you need shock gloves gadget, to charge electrical subsystem, and unlocks collectible.
Note*: Correct combination for opening the security console for Enigma Extortion File 9.4 is: “Untrue”.
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