Enigma Extortion File Twenty Map Locations

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Enigma Extortion File 20 datapacks are hidden throughout Burnley map. In order to collect the set, first you need to unlock Shock Gloves (Close Combat Upgrade).
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You will automatically obtain Shock Gloves as part of main Story Mission, when you reach the security room in the Royal Hotel. In the list below we described how to collect each of them and marked their locations.

  1. Head west of Hamilton Hill towards northernmost part of the Burnley map. On a walkway between rooftops, you will spot a green light in a ventilation tunnel. The entrance to ventilation is on the opposite side. You don’t need to use any gadget, just crawl through ventilation in order to reach datapack.
  2. West of the Comns Tower, on a rooftop you will find a generator and two pressure pads. There is also a huge cage with datapack inside a ball. Use Shock Gloves to start the generator, then step on the far pressure pad (number 1). The ball will start rolling. When it reaches the left side of the cage, and falls down, jump on the second pressure pad (number 2), and the ball will roll to the right side of the cage, where you can take it.
  3. Unknown location
  4. Unknown location
  5. Unknown location
  6. Unknown location
  7. Unknown location
  8. Unknown location
  9. Unknown location
  10. When you find a hidden entrance to Enigma’s HQ, behind a huge Gotham Rail ad panel, enter the hallway and use the elevator to go down (press any button on the switch panel). Once you reach the ground level, continue straight ahead towards the room full of computer monitors. At the entrance of the room turn right. On the wall to your left, the last datapack is waiting for you.


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