Enigma Extortion File Sixteen

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After collecting the set and deciphering the Enigma Extortion Files #Sixteen, additional information under Enigma’s profile will be unlocked. All Files are scattered across the Diamond district and some of them are pretty tricky to solve/find.
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In the list below we described how to collect each of them and marked their locations.

Extortion File 16 locations

  1. You can find the first extortion file in the Northern Diamond District, inside of a cage on a frozen coastline . You can approach it only with the Remote Claw gadget, which you attach to the metal cleat standing right next to the cage entrance. You can probably glide toward this entrance as well, but it could be time consuming to do it just right.
  2. Above the main entrance to the Royal Hotel, where you see the two large lion statues, there is a balcony with another extortion file. At this point you should have the Shock Gloves gadget, which is required for starting the portable generator that opens the locked enigma datapad.
  3. At the southwestern side of a building, that is in the eastern part of the Diamond District, you can find a green pressure plate on the ground level. When you stand on it a green switch above the locked enigma datapad turns on. Destroy it with your batarang gadget, and pick up what you came for.
  4. On top of the first floor roof of a building, that is located at the center of the Diamond District (south of the nearby GCR Tower), plant explosives with explosive gel, blast the door of a small shack and collect the extortion file.
  5. This extortion file is well hidden inside of a vent. The ventilation shaft is located at the southern part of a building at the center of the Diamond District (the one that has Diamond District map sign above it) next to a red light shining straight into the sky. Use the batclaw gadget to remove vent bars and crawl inside where you will find the collectible.
  6. Southeast of Diamond District’s GCR Tower, above letters “IC” on the map, you will find another green pressure plate. It is on a higher level roof top, with two red lights shining upwards. Activate it by standing on it and a locked enigma datapad shows up, granting you a new extortion file.
  7. This extortion file is on the 10th floor inside the hotel. We’ll have screenshots and detailed explanations very soon.
  8. This one is also inside the hotel and we’ll have screenshots soon ™ (hint: laundry room – > elevator shaft -> go up)
  9. This one is also inside the hotel’s elevator shaft and we’ll have screenshots soon(hint: follow path under large pipes)
  10. We’ll have screenshots soon (inside hotel ballroom – you need cryptographic analyzer)
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