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Animus Shards are a type of collectible in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. Collecting all of them will net you the Shiny trophy/achievement.
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In Memory Sequence 1: The Escape, there are six of them – some are easy to get, while others are easier to miss. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all the Animus Shards in Memory Sequence 1. We also have a guide with locations for Animus Shards in Memory Sequence 2.

First Animus Shard

The first shard is found while doing the “Escape The Prison Cells” objective. It is located inside the large cave with the cells and the statue. When you enter, walk the beam to switch planes, then run to the right until you reach a gap. Instead of jumping across it, drop down. The shard is below the platform.

Second Animus Shard

The second shard is found during the “Find Your Rope Dart” objective. After you’ve jumped up the platforms, you’ll be standing at the beginning of a long hallway. Turn back instead, and jump onto the highest platform – the shard is on top of it.

Animus Shard Number Three

Just after you pick up your Rope Dart, climb the wall to your right. Assassinate the guard from the ledge, then climb up. The shard is on the platform.

Fourth Animus Shard

After you enter the vertical cave during the “Find Your Sword” objective, climb up to the two guards talking in front of the green passage. Jump to the wall on your left and climb up top – the shard will be waiting for you on the balcony.

Animus Shard #5

While doing the “Find Gao Feng” objective, you’ll enter a large prison with hanging cages. At the entrance, jump off the ledge onto the platform below to get the shard.

Sixth Animus Shard

After picking up the fifth shard, jump on top of the cages until you reach the other side. Walk the beam to switch planes, then go all the way to the left. The final shard is under the platform.


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