Animus Shard Locations - ACC China The Return

Animus Shards are a type of collectible in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China. Obtaining them all will unlock the Shiny trophy/achievement.
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There are nine of them in Memory Sequence 2: The Return. In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of all the Animus Shards in Memory Sequence 2. We also have a guide with the locations for Animus Shards in Memory Sequence 1.

First Animus Shard

While doing the “Navigate Through The Grottoes” objective, you’ll get to a valley with a statue and a temple. The shard is on the platform in front of the temple.

Second Animus Shard

After you start the “Proceed Through The Compound” task, you’ll find an area with two patrolling guards, two green passages and a box hanging from the ceiling. Use the box to distract the guards, then jump down and look below the platform – the shard is there.

Animus Shard #3

Sneak past the guards and climb the vertical room next to them. When you leave it, climb up the beams on the wall, onto the platform. The shard is to the left.

Animus Shard No.4

Climb back down, go right and up the ladder. Distract the guards using the box, then dash past them to the right. You’ll end up on a platform overlooking several patrolmen. The shard will be below your platform. You can distract the guards by dropping the hanging box among them.

Fifth Animus Shard

During the “Escape The Grottoes” objective, you’ll end up in a large cave with houses and statues. Walk the beam to switch planes, then drop down and go right. Climb the red ladder. The shard is past the dog on your left.

Sixth Animus Shard

Go right, pass the ladder you climbed up, then descend the other red ladder. The shards will be to your left.

Animus Shard Number Seven

Run to the right until you reach planks in the wall going high up. Climb them and walk the beam to change planes. Climb down, then up using the ladder to your left. Use the cages to jump right, onto the platform with the shard.

Animus Shard No. Eight

Crawl through the small passageway. When you exit, the shard will be to your right, behind two enemies.

Ninth Animus Shard

When you exit, walk the beam then go right until you hit a wall. The shard is up on top of the cliff. You can climb to it using the improvised ladder there.


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