AC Mirage A Life's Work, Where to Find 3 Pages Locations

If you are not sure where to find the 3 page locations in the “A Life’s Work” Assassin’s Creed Mirage tale, we’ve got you covered! During your adventures across the unique districts of Baghdad, you’ll stumble upon various little side quests called “tales”. One such tale is called “A Life’s Work”. An astronomer near the Observatory, called Al-Mahani, will ask us to find the treatise representing his work. Read on as we explain how to get each one of them.

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AC Mirage A Life's Work, Where to Find 3 Pages Locations
AC Mirage A Life’s Work, Where to Find 3 Pages Locations

Where to Find Three Pages Locations in A Life’s Work Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage developers went out of their way to make sure that the game is not just an entertaining pastime but also an immersive window into Baghdad’s rich history, culture, diversity, and scientific contribution over the centuries. This is done through many gameplay mechanics and audio-visual designs. However, our favourites in particular are “Tales of Baghdad”. These little side quest activities allow us to interact with and help various NPCs who represent different aspects of 9th-century Baghdad.

For example, in the AC Mirage “A Life’s Work” tale, we get to help a dying scholar. Al-Mahani asks us to find his treatise and present it to the House of Wisdom. It is a rather noble task, and of course, we will help! However, it seems that there are three separate pages. And the old man is literally dying of a heart attack before our eyes. Hence, it’s up to us to find these three pages in AC Mirage and deliver them to the House of Wisdom. It sounds rather easy enough. However, it can be quite tricky. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Get 3 Treatise Pages in AC Mirage

The very first thing you will need to do is to use your Eagle Vision in order to mark the 3 Pages Locations. Use one immediately upon finishing the conversation, and you will spot a page flying around on the rooftop left of the main Observatory building. Head up to the roof to grab it. However, keep in mind that it will start being windy, and the page will start flying away from you. Hence, be prepared to chase it with your ably parkour. Don’t worry, though. It will eventually land if you don’t manage to catch it. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of it.

The second page is at the very top of the Observatory building. It is sitting on a table next to massive Astronomical rings. To reach the top of the Observatory, climb to the balcony right of the main entrance. From there, you can use the bookshelf to climb to the top, where the second page is. The second page is called Calculating the Azimuth.

Unlock Barred Door in Observatory AC Mirage

Finally, the third page is directly inside the Observatory building. However, the Observatory is closed, and it seems like there are no ways to enter. The door leading inside is barred from the inside. What you will need to do is to go around the building and hit the barred door through the window with the Throwing Knife in order to unlock it. Check out our images below so that you know from which position we’ve opened the door. Once inside, head to the second floor, and you will find the third page on a table right next to the stairs. And that’s it, now you know all 3 page locations for the “A Life’s Work” tale in AC Mirage!

The Treatise Matter Most or You Matter Most Al-Mahani Son Choice AC Mirage

Unfortunately, when you return to bring the 3 Pages Treatise to Al-Mahani, it will already be too late for him. The poor man has passed away. Instead, you’ll meet his son mourning him there. You’ll hear him crying about how it is his fault, and how he wanted to make amends. Basim will offer the treatise to Al-Mahani’s son. However, Al-Mahani’s son will ask you what did he say about him. You’ll get the following options:

  • The treatise mattered most.
  • You mattered most.
The Treatise Matter Most or You Matter Most Al-Mahani Son Choice AC Mirage

The truth is that he said that his treatise mattered most, as it was his life’s work. He loved his son very much, but he cared the most about his scientific legacy. However, we don’t recommend telling the truth. If you do that, his son will get agitated and angrily throw away the treatise. Thus, you will fail to fulfil the dying man’s wish. Hence, you should lie to him and tell him that Al-Mahani said his son was the most important to him. He will get angry at you for not finding him to talk with the dying father, but he will keep the treatise and honor his father’s work. With that said, our guide is completed!

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