Arena Fighter's Set Legendary Armor - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Arena Fighter’s set is a legendary armor in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This costume will make you look like a stereotypical gladiator, and its set bonus will allow you to heal yourself during combat. It’s a great gear set, but it’s not easy to acquire. If you’re interested in getting it, or at least seeing how it looks and what it does, keep reading our AC Odyssey legendary armor Arena Fighter’s Set guide.

ac odyssey arena fighter's set
AC Odyssey Arena Fighter’s Set Legendary Armor

How to get Arena Fighter’s Set in AC Odyssey?

In order to get the five pieces of this legendary armor set, you’ll have to kill a bunch of people in the arena in Pephka. You’ll first learn about the arena once you kill your first mercenary bounty hunter. On their body, you’ll find a letter of invitation to the arena. Simply follow the map marker and you’ll find your way.

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Once you’re there, keep working up through the ranks – once you’ve defeated the reigning champion, you’ll complete the quest and get the Are You Not Entertained trophy. This is where the fun starts – you’ll get a new NPC in front of the arena, and a new set of fighters to defeat. Once you’ve cleared them all out, you’ll have the set.

AC Odyssey legendary armor – Arena Fighter’s Set

This set was made for warriors. Players who like to face challenges head-on will have the most benefits from it. The set bonus it has will return 10% health every time you use an overpower ability. Apart from that, the individual pieces themselves also have perks that will help you in close quarters combat.

Arena Fighter’s Helmet

ac odyssey arena fighter's helmet

Now this is a helmet. A big, terrifying, shiny helmet with slits for the wearer to look through and a sizeable plume on top. That’s what death looks like – faceless, nameless, unflinching. It’ll give you +15% warrior damage and an additional +10% damage with swords and daggers.

Arena Fighter’s Armor

ac odyssey arena fighter's armor

Keeping up with the gladiator theme, the torso piece actually offers no protection whatsoever for the midriff or chest. It does protect the upper arms with two massive pauldrons – one made of cascading metal plates topped by a leather cover, the other a big metal plate with a lion’s head in relief, with fur under it. It grants the wearer +15% hunter damage, as well as +10% damage with heavy weapons.

Arena Fighter’s Gauntlets

ac odyssey arena fighter's gauntlets

Still not gauntlets, sorry. They are quite impressive bracers, though. Both are made of metal – one dark, the other gilded – and they both cover the entire forearm and part of the wrist. When you equip them, you’ll get +15% warrior damage and +20% damage with overpower abilities.

Arena Fighter’s Waistband

ac odyssey arena fighter's waistband

The waistband is rought cloth at the bottom, covered with a big leather belt with tassets and a terrifying skull with spikes on the buckle. When you wear it, you’ll get +15% warrior damage, +20% damage with overpower abilities.

Pit Fighter’s Boots

ac odyssey pit fighter's boots

Like the bracers, the boots also don’t match. One of the shin guards is made of black metal with a sun symbol, while the other is gilded, and has the same scary, spiky head like the belt. They’ll give you +15% warrior damage and +10% damage with spears and staffs.

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