Artemis Set Legendary Armor - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Artemis set is one of the several Assassin’s Creed Odyssey legendary armor sets. This outfit is meant for followers of the Greek goddess of the hunt, and therefore favors hunters above everyone else. The perks will help your ranged damage and make you more skilled with a bow and arrow. All of the pieces are locked behind a particular chain of side quests that’s easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get AC Odyssey legendary armor Artemis set, what it looks like, which set bonus and engraving it unlocks.

ac odyssey artemis set legendary armor
AC Odyssey Artemis Set Legendary Armor

How to get Artemis set in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

Unlike most legendary armor sets, this one is gained through a quest. You’ll get the pieces by finishing various steps of the Daughters of Artemis questline. Start the quest by talking to Daphnae, the warrior at the Temple of Artemis in the northwest of Phokis.

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She’ll ask you to kill various legendary animals – each of them will drop a legendary gear item, but not all of those will be armor pieces. You can use the quest tracker to find all of them, and we’ll list the ones that drop the Artemis set pieces below.

AC Odyssey legendary armor – Artemis set

The Artemis set is intended for the Daughters of Artemis, an order dedicated to preserving the legacy of the goddess of the hunt. Wearing the entire outfit will give you +15% hunter damage, on top of the bonuses individual pieces already provide. It will also unlock that perk as an engraving, letting you upgrade your other armor pieces with it.

Master’s Artemis Hood

ac odyssey master's artemis hood

The hood is made from a red cloth, decorated only with a white zig-zag pattern along the edge. There’s also an ochre scarf tucked inside the hood, going around the neck. You’ll get it after you slay the Krokottas Hyena. As for the stats, it’ll give you +13% hunter damage and +20% headshot damage.

Master’s Artemis Outfit

ac odyssey master's artemis outfit

The chest piece is fairly minimalistic, combining cloth and leather to cover up only part of the torso and offer protection to the shoulders. In order to get it, you’ll have to kill the Kretan Bull. The perks will give you +15% hunter damage and +10% bow charging speed.

Master’s Artemis Gloves

ac odyssey artemis gloves

The gloves aren’t really gloves – they’re bracers that cover only the wrists. They’re made of cloth, tied together using wood and bone on a string. Appearances seem to be deceiving in this case, as the bracers offer perks on par with the rest of the pieces – +15% hunter damage and +25% adrenaline on headshot kill. To get them, you’ll have to defeat the Erymanthian Boar.

Master’s Artemis Belt

ac odyssey master's artemis belt

The waist piece consists of a bunch of cloth in various colors – orchre, red, brown and beige – with a leather belt, a pouch and some kind of decorative element made of bone and leather on the front. It will drop from Kallisto the Bear, and will grant you +15% hunter damage, along with 15% damage with bows on distant targets. The latter is great for starting a fight – you’ll get to pick off at least one opponent before the rest reach you.

Master’s Artemis Treads

ac odyssey master's artemis treads

The leg piece is pretty standard fare. It’s a pair of sandals with reinforced leather shin guards. They’ll give you +15% hunter damage and +10% bow damage while using Charged Shot. If you want them, you’ll have to butcher the Lykaon Wolf.

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  1. So what do you do if Daphne just up and disappears? She has been missing from the Artemis Temple for a little bit now I romanced her and have been turning in some of the contracts for the animals I have three that I just finished but can’t turn them in cuz she’s missing. Is there someone else I can turn them into? I cannot see anything online about how to get the set or turn these in if she’s missing. There’s also an option to kill her so what happens if you did that which I did not but I’m just curious?

    1. L

      If they’re the last ones you have, her final location is on the Island of Chios (about as far East as you can go). She’s in the Hunted Forest of Artemis, just north of the border with Afflence Bay.

  2. D

    Master’s Artemis Hood is wrong now probably after the patch, give`s u nothing now

  3. N

    Ive just booted up the game and the Artemis outfit chest Ive been using has changed apperance. What’s up?

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