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Athenian marksman is a type of enemy in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They’re basically souped-up archers. Nothing remarkable about them, really, except the fact they show up as targets in one of the weekly contracts. The message board quest called Fear of Arrows tasks you with killing a certain amount of these unit types, and it proved to be far more difficult than it should’ve been. This guide is going to show you AC Odyssey Athenian Marksman locations, to help you complete said quest.

ac odyssey athenian marksman locations fear of arrows quest
AC Odyssey Athenian Marksman Locations

Where to find Athenian Marksman in AC Odyssey?

First off, there’s no way to predict where they’ll appear with certainty. However, there are ways to increase your chances of meeting one (or thirty). As we’ve mentioned, they’re archers. They wear blue hoods, which should make them easy to spot when you’re in the vicinity. Theoretically, you’ll find them at any place that has Athenian soldiers – war ships, forts, camps and such. Of course, some of those are better suited for your search than others.

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Ships, for instance, are a terrible idea. You need Ikaros to tell you which unit you’re gunning for, and you can’t do that with ships (at least not reliably). We’ve had the most luck with Athenian forts. The marksmen are usually captains, so you can check the camp quickly – save the game, approach silently, use Ikaros to pinpoint the captain(s), and look in the upper right corner to check whether they’re the right type. If not, reload the game or go to a different camp.

It’s going to take a long time, but the rewards are commensurate. Also, don’t bother with clearing out the whole camp – that’s not what you’re there for, and it’s only going to make the whole ordeal last longer. Get inside, kill the marksman and be on your merry way.

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  1. T

    There are a couple side contracts for the marksman I found a quicker way to get them after wasting hours in camps and forts. Lower that control of a city to open up conquest but do not go to battle, instead go to the Athenian battle camp. You can freely walk in and there are always one or two marksman hanging around.

    1. N

      Thank you! So much faster

    2. P
      Phillip Jackson

      Yo!! Awesome post!! Saved me so much time!

  2. K

    If you fight Titus, Rock of Athens in the arena, there is a guaranteed Marksman in Wave 4. Boring, but excellent XP.

  3. D
    David Basford

    Inside the Athens walls there are a number of “buildings” (Mint, Marble Workshop, etc.) that often have a marksman.

  4. P

    The other part of this quest is finding Athenian Archers all over Greece. These are easily found by running around the perimeter wall of Athens while getting your assassin on.

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