Attika Cultist Location - Where is Eyes of Kosmos Cultist in AC Odyssey

The Attika Cultist is a part of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the AC Odyssey Kosmos cult. He’s the third one in the Eyes of Kosmos branch, and he is indeed hiding somewhere in Attika. However, players have been having trouble finding the Attika Cultist location in AC Odyssey, because he’s actually hiding behind a specific quest. Since this is the major issue, our AC Odyssey Attika Eyes of Kosmos Cultist location guide will also show you how to unlock the Attika Cultist.

How to Unlock Eyes of Kosmos Attika Cultist Location in AC Odyssey?

To unlock the Attika Cultist of the Eyes of Kosmos branch of the cult, you’ll first have to unlock the A Life’s Worth side quest in Attika. It, in turn, unlocks after you’ve completed two further side quests in Attika: On a High Horse and Heitor’s Gonna Hate (yes, that’s really what it’s called). These two quests unlock after you’ve progressed far enough through the story, so keep checking Attika to see what’s new. The side quests will be marked with a golden exclamation mark.

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You can start Heitor’s Gonna Hate in the Abandoned Farmlands area in the northeast of Attika. After you talk to Heitor, the game will lead you to Rhamnous Military Camp where a friend of his is being held prisoner. Release him and follow the next quest marker to the beach below. You can handle it from there.

As for the On a High Horse, you get it from Sokrates, who’ll be waiting in the northeast of Port of Piraeus, just on the border with Greater Athens. After you talk to him, the game will give you a marker leading you into Piraeus Workshop. The horse thief that you’re supposed to hunt down will start running away, and you’ll have to hunt him down. After you do, it’s time to go back to Sokrates and hand the quest in.

After we completed these two quests, A Life’s Worth opened for us. It’s in the Lavrio section in the Silver Mountain part of Attika. To start it, you’ll have to talk with the slave Phaidon. This will lead you further to the Eyes of Kosmos Attika Cultist.

Where to Find Attika Cultist – AC Odyssey Eyes of Kosmos

The Attika Cultist from the Eyes of Kosmos branch, called The Master, is hiding in plain sight in the Silver Mountain region, in the south of Attika. That’s the region between Phaleron Sandy Bay and Cape Sounion. He’s going to be in the south of the mountain itself, in a small encampment near the Lavrio Silver Mine. He’s wearing a blue tunic with gold on the bottom, a gold belt, and a brown shoulder wrap. Talk to him, and during the conversation, he’ll let slip that he’s a member of the cult. You have to talk to him first, unfortunately; you can’t just kill him right of the bat.

The Master is a terrible person, and the game makes it as clear as you can imagine. He’s a slave owner, and a weaselly fellow who refuses to release a slave that has paid for his freedom. Not only that, but he’ll demand that you kill an innocent woman for the cult to release him. After you speak to The Master, Sokrates will engage you in a quick moral discussion. If you decide that all people are equal, you’ll be able to kill The Master, which you absolutely should. Don’t forget to confirm the kill.

Elpenor Eyes of Kosmos Cultist

Elpenor is going to be one of the first cultists you’re going to meet and kill. He’s a part of the story quest Snake in The Grass, which essentially leads you to discovering the cult itself. You needn’t worry about finding / missing Elpenor; the game will lead you right to him. Basically, he’s hiding in a cave in the southwest of the Valley of the Snake area, in the Phokis region, just south of the Satyr’s Respite synchronization location. The place you’re looking for is Snake Temple. For more detailed info, check out our Find Elpenor Location in Phokis guide.

Where to Find Sotera Cultist Location

The second Eyes of Kosmos cultist in the branch is Sotera. The clue tells you that Sotera is in her warehouse in Megaris. We indeed found her in Megaris. Specifically, in Port of Nisaia, which is in the southeast of the Valley of King Lelex. She has black hair and dresses in a plain brown tunic. So, be sure to use Ikaros to tag her if necessary. Keep in mind that she’ll likely be surrounded with bodyguards that will want to kill you very much. Exercise caution, and make sure to confirm the kill.

Hermippos Cultist in AC Odyssey – Where to Find?

To find Hermippos of the Eye of Kosmos, you’ll have to go to Greater Athens, near the Hephaistos temple, as the clue tells you. The Temple of Hephaistos is in the northwest area of Greater Athens, a region in Attika. We found Hermippos sleeping in one of the side rooms of the temple. He wears a light blue tunic, has gray hair, and looks pretty ragged in the face. Excpect that the Temple of Hephaistos will be crawling with enemies to make your life harder.

Midas Eyes of Kosmos Cultist

Midas is hiding out in the city of Argos, in the Argolis region. We found him in the dead center of the city, just to the south the Temple of Poseidon synchronization location. He was flanked with tough bodyguards, so don’t approach Midas lightly. He has long, grey hair, and wears a blue-and-purple tunic with a deep purple toga. He also wears a green wreath on his head. Beware of his guards, and never forget to confirm the kill.

Nyx the Shadow Eyes of Kosmos Sage Location

Nyx the Shadow is the head of the Eyes of Kosmos. You can unveil her after you’ve killed all of the other five from the branch. We found her in the southeast of Greater Athens, in Attika. Make sure to use the quest marker to find her, as she can roam about. She wears a black headband, a black tunic, and brown pouches. Strangely enough, she didn’t have any bodyguards around her, which only makes your job easier. However, she is a little more difficult to beat in a fight than the rest of her crew.

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  1. G

    Where’s the 3rd cultist?

    1. J

      The first one we talk about. Everything above Elpenor is about the third cultist.

    2. M
      Mike Smith

      He was a problem for me even after the Sokrates side quests in Athens. My real problem was that I had not gone south of Athens yet. Most quests that begin in an undiscovered region do not show up on the map. When that happens it won’t show up on the quests menu either. Following the guide above, I traveled south of Athens, went to the camp below the silver mine and found him. You can’t find him though until talking to a slave who says he paid his master for his freedom but was not given it. That man’s master is the cultist and now if you agree to negotiate for the slave, the master comes right out and says he’s a cultist but will give his slave freedom if you kill Odessa for him. Go talk to her and after helping her by getting medicine for her father she’s ambushed. If you’re quick you can save her, if not she’s killed. Return to the Master and kill him any way you like. You can also avoid the Odessa contract and kill him first, and honestly it doesn’t matter. Odessa is a brat who wants to be famous and is bitter that she isn’t because she has to care for her sick father. Just kill this cultist who’s a real pain to find and is way too smug. My thanks to the author for this. Whew. What a mission.

  2. B

    This was an absolute life saver. The amount of hours I spent trying to find the master before I read this was unbelievable. Thank you!

    1. J

      Glad to be of help, Ben!

      1. A

        Hey so I can’t find the On a High Horse mission… Checked at the Port and can’t find Sokrates… Do I need to be a certain level? I’ve already done the Heitor’s Gonna Hate mission

        1. J

          Have you completed the mission called The Citizenship Test in the same region? Sokrates gives you that one. If not, that might be the problem. Otherwise, keep playing, and Citizenship Test should unlock after I think Chapter 4.

          EDIT: Citizenship Test unlocks the quest Witness Him, which unlocks Free Speech quest, which, in turn, unlocks On a High Horse.

        2. G

          There are several other quests you have to do first. You have to progress the storyline to the ‘welcome to Attika’ one. Go see Perikles, (sp?) and do the things for his party. After all that, you should see a quest in the general area (easterly, I think, but maybe random) thats labeled ‘Socrates’ as the quest giver. It won’t be though…it will be someone he’s with. When you finally get ‘On a High Horse’ he is actually the quest giver.

          It took me several days to figure this out. It seems like kind of a big omission on the authors part.

  3. M
    Murray Kinch

    I’ve completed the witness him Quest but the free speech quest isn’t appearing

  4. A

    I can’t find the quest to kill the master it does not show up on my map

    1. M
      Mini Ninja

      You have to explore the silver mountain first.
      Once you are there, it will show up.
      I ran into the same issue.

  5. T

    I can’t find the heitor’s gonna hate but found high horse

  6. A

    hey i can see the quest a friend in need and ist s by a man caled heitor but i cant find the quest heitors gonna hate

    1. E

      You have to retrieve heiters Harper sword first to unlock it

  7. J
    Jessy Ackerman

    I must’ve killed him without talking or chose the wrong opinion when talking. All the side missions are done, but he is not uncovered in the cult tree. Trying to go back & figure this out, but hard to remember since I did the mission so long ago.

    1. T

      Dude I’m having the same issue, all the others in this branch are already killed but I can’t find the master at all. I went exactly where he’s supposed to be and everyone is dead and there are no side missions in the area. It’s really pissing me off lol

  8. G

    It is hoped that you will have to work hard

  9. D

    Thank you for this! I spent hours combing the countryside when I should have just been playing the missions.

  10. A

    I managed to find nyx in Attila too but… I only killed 4 of the cult members in the eyes of Kosmos branch…

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