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Elpenor is a very important NPC for the beginning of the main story in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Mysterious stranger you meet in Chapter 1 tasks you with killing the Wolf of Sparta in Megaris and introduces us to the grander schemes in the ancient Greek world of AC Odyssey. Once I completed that task I was instructed to meet with him in the new region of Phokis. Main story unravels a bit more and I found myself on a new main quest called Snake in the Grass with only one quest step – Find Elpenor. There was no quest marker for it in either Guided or Explorer modes and I was stumped. I went on to do side quests and check out various POIs in Phokis, but I still wasn’t able to find Elpenor. IF you are stumped like me this is a quick article to help you understand what you need to do to find Elpenor in Phokis and advance the main story a bit further

Where is Elpenor in Phokis?

Elpenor is hiding inside one of the Phokis points of interest. His location is revealed once you complete the other main story quest in Phokis that involves the Oracle of Delphi called Consulting a Ghost. There is a way around it if you are really impatient though. You can go to his location without completing Consulting a Ghost, but I advise against it. It is more fun following the questline proper and you might get more XP by clearing out the involved locations. In any case, he is found inside Snake Temple POI. You reach it by going to Satyr’s Respite Synchronize fast travel location. From there go down the mountain a bit northeast and you should see the Snake Temple. If you haven’t found this sync point yet go east of Pilgrim’s landing, following the river. It should be a few meters south of the river after about 5 minutes of horse riding. He is hidden inside a cave in Snake Temple. Once you kill him you will still have to complete Consulting a Ghost quest to progress the main story further.

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