How to Tame Elite & Legendary Animals - AC Odyssey

Legendary & elite animals are special kinds of beasts in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They’re especially strong, and sometimes even have special perks. Included among them are fabled creatures like the Kretan Bull. Almost every major area in the game has at least one, and you’ll get to fight them on your way to the top. Hunting them down will provide you with legendary pelts and a bunch of experience. However, some players are looking for a more peaceful solution, wondering whether they can tame elite & legendary animals in AC Odyssey.

ac odyssey how to tame elite legendary animals
AC Odyssey How to Tame Elite & Legendary Animals

Can you tame legendary beasts?

No. There’s no way to tame epic animals. The skill that allows you to tame beasts in the first place, called Beast Master, will tell you this much in the description. The wording is pretty explicit, so we’d say there’s no hope of getting a better version of the skill that lets you do it.

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It’s understandable, if you think about it. Killing these beasts is one of the bigger challenges in an area, and the reward is pretty unique – nothing drops a legendary fur except an elite animal. These might turn out to be nothing more than trade goods, but they also might be required for crafting certain special items.

It also wouldn’t be fair to the enemies if the game let you tame elite animals. Having a regular wolf at your side may be beneficial, but it’s not going to turn the tides of a major conflict. Having a legendary animal as an ally would probably allow you to steamroll the entire Spartan and Athenian forces combined. It would simply break the game, although it sounds like a fun idea. Hopefully the PC version ends up with a user mod that allows you to do this.

How to tame alpha animals?

There are stronger animals you can tame though. The alpha animals area leaders of a pack, and you’ll find one at each burrow or habitat. If it’s bears, it’ll be a big polar bear, if it’s wolves, it’ll be a big white wolf. You can tame these just like you would normal animals – whittle their health down to a sliver, then kick them until they don’t get up. The only difference is that you have to be outside the restricted area. Approach the animal and press the button that pops up and you’ll have yourself an alpha pet. Plus, it’ll count like you’ve killed it for the location task, so it’s two birds with one stone.

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  1. X

    Some elite animals are tamable. I will assume alphas are elites, anyway. Some alphas are tamable. Like the Alpha Lion, which is just adorable and beastly. But also weak to 2-3 or more enemies at a time. I’ve tried taming an Alpha Wolf and that one doesn’t work for whatever reason. I’ve only got to try Alpha Bears and Lynxes.

    1. F

      I have tamed Alphas Wolf, Lynx, Lion. I’ve yet to get an Alpha bear.

    2. G

      There is a tameable Alpha Wolf when doing the quest line for the village that Worships you while doing the Olympic Questing in Ellis

  2. A

    Not totally true. I tamed an Alpha Wolf just now.

  3. T

    Alpha animals can be tamed if you lure them out of restricted areas. Works on bears, wolves, lions and leopards.

  4. J

    I’m trying to tame Exekias the Legend’s level 50 Grizzly bear but it’s not giving me the option of taming. I’m a level 25 btw haha

    1. O
      Omar Elkasaby

      You can’t tame other people’s animals. Also, it’ll just go back down to lvl 25 when u tame it so there’s no point in doing it.

      1. M

        can the lykaon wolf be out of the restricted area?

  5. S
    Shane Gipson

    If it’s just for looks couldn’t taming elite animals be possible if their health and damage we’re changed? For example like how the weapons get stronger as a rarity increases.

  6. K

    i have no issue taming them where ever restricted or not … glitch maybe … either way ive never have anything stop my from taming any animal in any area …. i only cant take legendary animals from the daughters of Artemis side quest

    1. R

      Legendary beasts can not be tamed.

  7. R
    Roger Smythe

    Are alpha animals stronger as tamed pets than their normal counterparts?

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