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Backstage Pass ainigmata ostraka is one of several dozens of riddles in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. You know the drill – look for a stone tablet in the Textile Worshop in Athens, and it will present you with a message. Sometimes that message is a thinly veiled hint, other times it’s an outright step-by-step instruction. Follow it and you’ll get a unique engraving. In case you get stuck at some point, we’ve prepared a guide to help you solve the AC Odyssey Backstage Pass ainigmata ostraka.

ac odyssey backstage pass ainigmata ostraka
AC Odyssey Backstage Pass Ainigmata Ostraka

Where to find ainigmata ostraka at Textile Worshop in Athens?

The Textile Worshop is a two-storey building in the south of Athens, near Acropolis. When you reach it, enter the ground floor – you can sneak past the guards, or murder them in cold blood. Look near one of the entrances, and you’ll find the tablet on the floor next to it.

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Backstage Pass puzzle solution

Description: Head to the theater in Athens. With the right connections, I always get o watch the play from backstage. Find me on an actor’s mask.

In order to get your engraving, you’ll have to go to the Theater of Dionysos. It’s on the south side of the Acropolis, directly next to the cliff. Face the stage, and you’ll see a small door at the back. Go through it, down the stairs and immediately turn around. You’ll see the mask on the left, on a pile of set dressings. Interact with the mask, and you shall receive your prize. It’s going to be a unique engraving, which you can then use to upgrade your armor or weapons.

Engraving Reward: +6% Adrenaline per Hit.

This is only one in a vast sea of enigma puzzles AC Odyssey offers. If any of them cause you trouble, check out our Ainigmata Ostraka locations & solutions guide.

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