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Journey’s End is one of the side quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s the last step of the quest chain you start by talking to Phidias in Ellis. In order to complete it, you’ll have to solve a puzzle using the scytale you get from Phidias and open the door to the inner sanctum of the Ancient Stronghold. If you have trouble decyphering the hints, keep reading our AC Odyssey Journey’s End quest guide, and we’ll show you the scytale puzzle solution.

ac odyssey journey's end quest
AC Odyssey Journey’s End Quest – Scytale Puzzle Solution

How to open puzzle door using Scytale?

Once you find Phidias’ body, you’ll also find the scytale – a piece of papyrus with some symbols drawn on it. Go to the Ancient Stronghold – it’s on the island of Lemnos, and you’ll have a map marker to lead you there. Once you reach the entrance to the inner sanctum, look at the walls of the antechamber. You’ll notice rows of pressure plates on both sides, with images drawn on them. Four of the images from the plates correspond to the ones on the scytale.

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You’ll need to press them in this order: first on the left (two-headed spear), fourth on the left (head with animal skin), third on the right (beast head), second on the right (bird with spread wings). After you’ve pressed them in the correct order, you’ll get a quest objective update, and the doors will unlock. Open them to get to the chest with a legendary weapon inside.

Atlantean Blade legendary weapon

Once you open the chest, you’ll get the Atlantean Blade legendary weapon. It’s dagger that gives you +15% hunter damage, +25% critical hit damage and +30% armor penetration. It’s a pretty good piece of weaponry, and you can engrave it with one more perk, to make it better suit your needs.

ac odyssey atlantean blade legendary weapon

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  1. J

    How do I start the Journey’s End side quest? I’ve been trying to figure out how it begins but I’ve never gotten an icon on the map or a new quest notification.

    1. M
      Michael Archer

      It’s in Elis near the tombs of champion and omaneais it’s the artist you saved earlier in the game.

    2. J
      Jeremy Caplette

      Did u check the body for the popyris. It’s on the body of the artist.

  2. C

    I have killed everyone and the quest shows complete, yet I do not have the Scytale. The door and ability to even interact with symbols is not available to me. Where do I get the Scytale from?

    1. T

      After checking out those symbols on the three statues, and you return to Olympia, loot the Scytale off Phidias’ dead body.

  3. C
    Cheese Head Ed

    I never would’ve figured that out

  4. A

    I can’t open the door. He said something that the door won’t open. Help me!

  5. B

    It was wery great. Thank you!

  6. M
    Marc Carrier

    I’ve obtained the scytale with those 4 symbols but when I press them in the correct order then go to the door, he says ” I haven’t crossed half the world to give up now.” What am I missing??

  7. A
    Assassins legacy

    I opened the chest and all I got was a ashen bow. Why didn’t I get the legendary sword.

  8. D

    I am having the adventure of a Greek Gods Lifetime!! I played and stopped for about a year and now I can’t stop ?. I think I’m gonna be sad when I do finally finish. Thanks for all the great tips – I try and read as little as possible and only when I’m really stuck – getting all the answers makes as much sense as finding out who the murderer is before you read the book ?

  9. M
    Mike S

    A million thanks wouldn’t be enough. Thank you!

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