AC Odyssey Judgement of Atlantis DLC Out Now

The last piece of DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has been released. It’s called Judgement of Atlantis, and it both introduces a bunch of new stuff, and destroys one of the longest standing mysteries of the AC universe. There’s a video showing off both after the break.

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ac odyssey judgement of atlantis
AC Odyssey Judgement of Atlantis DLC Out Now

So they finally decided to explain who the Isu were exactly, and even show them in action. No more wondering. No more fan theories. You will get everything, served on a silver platter with golden glowing lines running across it. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys being patronized – congrats, you got yours. The Isu aren’t the revered First Civilization anymore, they’re some guys you stab with your sword, just like you stabbed countless insignificant grunts before them.

On the upside, you’ll get to explore a beautiful, otherworldly city. You’ll get to unlock new weapons and outfits by finding hidden treasures and helping the city’s inhabitants. This includes an Isu spear, a mace and a dagger, all of which you’ll need to craft by using a new, super rare resource. You’ll even be allowed to upgrade several of your skills past their former ceiling, morphing them in exciting new ways. One of them will allow you to clone yourself, while another creates a time-distorting field that slows enemies down.

New activities include fighting in the Atlantean arena, solving gruesome crimes, hunting werewolves in the city streets, unlocking the full potential of your DNA by seeking out collectibles and more. You should prepare to face the Isu in battle as well, as some of them will surely stand in your way. Thanks to their origin and powers, you should expect some new, unique moves and attacks.

In order to play this DLC, you’ll need to be at least level 28, with a character that’s played through the previous two episodes of this story arc.

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