Dauntless Update Introduces Lady Luck & Her Trials

New stuff coming to Dauntless! Actually, it’s already there, but you might have missed it. The latest update brought a new vendor called Lady Luck. She offers a bunch of challenges that will test your mettle, as well as fancy new rewards. The update also introduces a range of quality of life improvements, as well as some crucial balance changes.

dauntless update trials
Dauntless Update Introduces Lady Luck & Her Trials

Talking to Lady Luck will allow you to travel to the Island of Trials, a new place that actually belongs to her. There, you’ll get to fight slightly tweaked Behemoths in new environments, with added challenges like “terrain-transforming pests”. This includes aether slugs, crawling critters that leave a trail of dangerous sludge behind them. The trials come in two difficulties – the normal one will rewards you with Steel Marks, a new currency you can use to buy weapon mods and special attacks from Lady Luck. The dauntless difficulty trials will drop Gilded Marks. These can be exchanged for exclusive aesthetic items, which will show the whole of Ramsgate how tough you really are.

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The best performers will get a spot on the Wall of Champions, a global leaderboard which can be found hanging outside of Lady Luck’s locale. The trials will rotate on a weekly basis, and the leaderboard placements will follow suit.

The new patch will ask you to install Easy Anti Cheat, which should help prevent any malicious action from other players. It also pushes the game onto the new version of the Unreal engine, which should result in better performance.

As far as balance changes go, you’ll be happy to hear that common Behemoth parts are now guaranteed to drop when you break a part. The arcstones will now come as an additional drop, so you won’t lose materials because you got one. You should also get more materials from heroic behemoths now. Finally, the drop rate for epic shards from Skraev, Drask and Stormclaw has been increased.

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