Kill or Spare Village of Kausos - AC Odyssey Blood Fever Quest

Kill or Spare the villagers of Kausos is the major dilemma in the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Blood Fever side quest. The moral choice in the Village of Kausos is whether to kill a family that’s likely infected with the plague, or spare them and risk the sickness spreading from Kausos to the rest of Kephallonia Island. Since this can end up being a pretty major decision, our AC Odyssey kill or spare villagers guide for Blood Fever quest is going to give you some pointers as to how to solve it.

AC Odyssey Blood Fever Quest Kill or Spare Village of Kausos
AC Odyssey Blood Fever Quest Kill or Spare Village of Kausos

Kill or Spare Plague Villagers of Kausos – What to do in AC Odyssey Blood Fever Quest?

Whether you’ll spare or kill sick villagers of Kausos is a pretty tough moral dilemma. That being the case, SPOILER WARNING from here on out. The priest will assure you that the villagers begging for mercy are sick, and they will spread the plague further. The villagers don’t exactly help their case when they accidentally mention that they only have a bit of a cough. So, this is your choice: kill the defenseless villagers and their children, or risk the plague spreading further.

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If you choose “Let these people go” you’ll first get into combat. After you kill the priest and his soldiers, you’ll be prompted to talk to the sick villagers. Here, you will get some further ominous clues, such as them telling you that they feel good enough to travel. You can then either take their money or leave it with them. If you take the money, they will stay put. If you don’t they will leave and try to find a cure. Unfortunately, whichever you choose, it seems to have the same effect. A few hours and quests later, when you return to Kephallonia, you’ll find it ravaged by the plague. Whoopsie.

If you choose “I have no say in this” then you’ve doomed the innocent family and their kids. To be frank, we didn’t have the heart to do this. However, even though they’re dead, you’ve halted the spread of the plague. At least, for the time being. Pray to all the gods of Olympus that it doesn’t spread regardless.

How to start Blood Fever Quest in AC Odyssey?

Blood Fever is a side quest in AC Odyssey. You can pick it up from your little friend Phoibe in Markos’s Vineyard, an area you’ll quickly be familiar with. We got it during the Eye for an Eye quest. Phoibe will tell you about the curse that has befallen the village of Kausos, and send you on your way. From there, all you have to do is track the quest, and it will take you to Kausos. The town is southwest from Mount Ainos, pretty close by the Vineyard.

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  1. D

    I really hoped they would go to such lengths with the consequences…….though that means I have to let this family die…..
    Best game 10/10

    1. F

      If your honest with the girl after you slaughter the family she excepts it option 3 and 3. Not sure what is said if you choose the other option. But given the historic events that did take place it seemed only correct to take the steps that they would have done to protect the others. Guess it boils down to the good of the many vrs the good of the few. Actually its ironic if you really think about it. With the all of the talk about getting children vaccinated against common diseases. Not going to share my incite into that not the time place or platform however I would have chosen to kill the family in real life as well as the game.

      1. R

        Thank God you’ll never be in that kind of position of power. You can’t even spell ‘insight’ correctly and you think you’re going to be some ‘savior’ of the many?

        Your IQ must be low from the ajuvants in those vaccines you love.

        1. J

          You misspelled “adjuvants”

        2. R

          Talking shit to someone over a video game… I’m clapping for you bud

          1. M

            You talked shit first.
            I quote,
            “Thank God you’ll never be in that kind of position of power. You can’t even spell ‘insight’ correctly and you think you’re going to be some ‘savior’ of the many?

            Your IQ must be low from the ajuvants in those vaccines you love.”

          2. E

            Randy is not the same as Rick…. i don’t know how he made that mistake

  2. I

    When you talk to the oracle, she seems to imply that the family was innocent – although i guess innocent doesn’t mean they weren’t sick. I wonder what the oracle says if you saved the family?

    1. J

      Dont remember the exact words but she talks about how you let the plague take the island so if you choose to kill them its implied they may not of been sick but if you save them they are sick

      1. G
        Grammar police

        It’s “they may not HAVE” not “may not of”

        1. S

          It’s not that serious

          1. A

            What a time to be playing this quest when the world is dealing with something very similar for the Corona.

  3. Z

    I opted to save them & let them keep their money. Later in the game you get word that the entire island is overrun with a plague. You’ll also find out that the plague has spread and hits Atticka the hardest when you eventually return to Athens.

    My second play is with Kassandra and I’m opting not to save them.

  4. A

    Just to clarify for the people who have asked about what the disease is in the Blood Fever quest, it is malaria, a parasite that hides in your blood cells and gives you a high fever which ends up killing you. If you go to the history landmark in Kausos Village, kausos is a word for fever and it tells you that in real history (not the game), there was a spread of malaria in greece during that time. They don’t tell you the name of the disease because that is something you have to figure out with the history landmark they explicitly left on the Village of Kausos. They called it Blood Fever based on the signs and symptoms of malaria.

    1. J

      Actually if you research it a bit you’ll find that it was typhoid fever. Typhoid swept through Ancient Greece at the same time that AC Odyssey takes place, and eventually spread into Athens and killed Pericles.

  5. N

    I think I missed a lot of this quest. I stumbled upon some priests harassing folks around a burned out village, and I decided to kill the priests without talking to them. Soon after I found the family, and along with Phoebe they thanked me and I finished the quest. I don’t remember talk about a disease.

  6. N

    Crookback bog flashback 🙁

  7. I knew they would spread the fever. My decision was more like “Not only is this not my problem they’ll probably be stupid and get more people sick.” Because the people who deny their sick are always the assholes who spread it across countries and that. So, it was an easy choice for me. Sure I would have one family blood on my hand but it probably saved more people in the long run. That was my reasoning though I never knew 100% if they’d spread it if I let them live when I made that decision.

    1. A

      You were supposed to talk to Phoibe to start the mission. She tells you her friend is sick and if you can save them. When you get there the priest tells you he’s going to kill off the disease forfeiting the family’s lives. Or you can save the family

    2. D

      “the people who deny their sick are always the assholes who spread it across countries” This comment aged well.

      1. C

        Played this game during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh what a weird, crazy times we live on.

      2. M

        Exactly what i was thinking

  8. T

    How did no one have the heart to kill those people? I did that on my first play through. Somehow I got almost every single thing right. You guys are all soft hearted.

  9. S

    so what is the best plan of action, dose the plague spread no matter what? I don’t care about the moral stuff, its just a game. someone mentioned it spreads to attika, is there any down sides that effect the player?

    1. J

      As far as we can tell, it really doesn’t matter what you choose.

  10. A

    I’ve condemned the family to death in my choice after finding out the plague would spread across Kephallonia, then later when there’s the quest in speaking to the Oracle she states ‘’ you’ve let an unknown sickness cloud your mind and an innocent family in Kausos (that same village in Kephallonia) died for it’’ or something like that, after pressing the ‘’where’s my mother?” option. I reckon if you follow the family after letting them keep the money and tracking their path you’ll find the plague culprits, maybe kill them? I’ll restart and do that 😛

  11. R

    ok…so yeah it is theoretically a tough choice sure. What makes it a much easier choice for me is when I remember that it IS just a video game and therefore they are not real people lol. I will say this though…that its a testament to what a great game it is that many people still get wrapped up in the dilemma as if they WERE real people. Simply put, it is a lose lose situation. Save the family, more people die, oracle reprimands you. Kill the family, Phoebe gets mad and the oracle still reprimands you but the sickness is contained. Do as your gamer conscious dictates. 😉

    1. S

      Thank god you answer I been reading Comments to see if it spreads regardless of me killing them or letting them live.

      So they die…coo

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