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Ainigmata Ostraka are stone tablets you can find in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Each one will present you with a riddle – a textual hint that will point you towards a treasure. Solving this puzzle and getting to the location indicated in the text will result in getting a new engraving. There are more than twenty of these in total, and if you want to customize your weapons and armor as much as possible, you’ll need to find and solve them all. Our AC Odyssey Ainigmata Ostraka locations & riddle solutions guide will help you do just that.

ac odyssey ainigmata ostraka locations riddle solutions
AC Odyssey Ainigmata Ostraka Locations & Riddle Solutions

Finding the stone tablets isn’t the hard part – when you use a synchronization point in an area, a bunch of places of interest will show up on your map. They’ll all be marked with question marks – you’ll know the locations, but you won’t know which is which. If you’ve got time and are willing to look through them all, finding the tablets won’t be an issue.

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However, solving the riddles is a completely different story. Sometimes the hints will be straightforward, telling you the name of the location you’re supposed to travel to, and maybe even where you need to look afterwards. Other times, they’ll be vague descriptions which you’ll need to decypher.

Kephallonia Ainigmata Ostraka Riddle Locations

There are three Ostraka puzzles in Kephallonia.

#1 Bottomless Lake

The first puzzle Bottomless Lake starts by finding a stone tablet in Melissani Cave, which is in the north of the main island of Kephallonia. In the underground lake inside the cave you’ll find the tablet.

Description: Taking the plunge? Everyone on the island thinks this is the deepest dive, but there is a lake in the Coast of Koliadai that is rumored to be bottomless. If you are able to dive as far as the woman in marble, you will be able to claim me.

Engraving Reward: +10% Crit Damage while Full Health.
If you need help to solve this puzzle visit our screenshot guide Bottomless Lake Anigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution

#2 Ashes to Ashes Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle

Your next stone tablet is hidden away in Marko’s Vineyard, on the slopes of Mount Ainos in Kephallonia, near the center of the island.

Description: When times are bad, it can be easy to turn away from the gods. Go to the burned temple in Kausos Village, in teh Cursed Valley of Pali. I can be found in a pile of burning ashes, where a worshipping man left his post to being his new life as a pirate.

Engraving Reward: +3% Adrenaline per Hit. Here is how to solve AC Odyssey Ashes to Ashes puzzle.

#3 Fatal Attraction Ostraka Puzzle

Fatal Attraction tablet can be found on Ithaka, the smaller of the Kephallonia islands, at the ruins of Odysseus’s Palace, in the south of the island.

Description: If you retrace the steps of Odysseus and take the path North, you will find a goat farm in Ithaka where he once met Athena. She helped him with a disguise to reclaim his wife and kill her suitors. Find your reward on a slaughtered goat.

Engraving Reward: +2% Damage with Swords and Daggers.
Our screenshot guide will help you solve Fatal Attraction Enigmata Ostraka riddle.

Megaris Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Locations

#4 Hound Docked Puzzle
The tablet is hidden at the Farm of Tripodiskos, in the middle of the Megaris region.

Description: When all ships look the same, it’s hard to remember where you docked. Go to the shores in the Occupied Forest of Tripodiskos and look for a moored ship guarded by a dog. Find me where X marks the spot.

Engraving Reward: +2% Crit Chance while Full Health
If you need some hints to solve this riddle please visit our screenshot guide AC Odyssey Hound Docked Ainigmata Ostraka.

#5 Record Sunshine Riddle
The second tablet is hidden in Megara, the biggest settlement in Megaris. Look for it on the west of the Temple of Apollo, on the rooftop of the Leader’s House.

Description: An unusual request came to eliminate some records. I didn’t want any trouble so I took a small journey west to Mount Geraneia. Take a dive in the center of the bay and find them on the shelf in a sunken ruin.

Engraving Reward: +2% Damage with Spears and Staffs. More details can be found here – Record Sunshine Ainigmata Ostraka Riddle Solution

#6 Happy Hour Ostraka
The last Ainigmata Ostraka tablet in Megaris region is hidden in the east of the Occupied Forest of Tripodiskos, in the Battlefield Cave. Go inside and dive into the water. At the bottom of the pool look for an underwater tunnel. Follow it and you’ll end up in the cave. Take the left path at the fork. Once you reach the wooden platform in the chamber, climb onto it and you’ll find the tablet on the right.

Description: It’s dangerous outside, so I’m waiting out the war. The only time I go outside this cave is to replenish my cup. Once I leave, I travel northwest from the battelfield in the Occupied Forest of Tripodisks. Find me at the altar of offerings at the feet of the wine god himself.

Engraving Reward: +1 Seconds Burning Duration. Solution to this riddle can be found in our detailed screenshot guide Happy Hour Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution

Phokis Anigmata Ostraka Riddle Locations

#7 Pressed for Time
The first tablet we came across was in Phokis, at the site of the Prometheus and the Birth of Mankind monument. You’ll spot a pair of tents next to the monuments and a bunch of stone bricks. The tablet is on the ground.

Description: If you slip beside the Leader’s house in Pilgrim’s Landing, you can find me in a large bowl of olives.

Engraving Reward: +2% Elemental Resistance. More information on how to solve it with screenshots can be found here – Pressed For Time Ainigmata Ostraka.

#8 A Specific General
The tablet is hidden to the east of Phokis, to the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia. In the main temple – in the east of the location you’ll find it next to Athena, goddess of wisdom bronze statue.

Description: With so much to see in Delphi, it may be hard to find me. I’m sitting at the plinth of the only bronze statue holding a spear and sword. This great general is among seven of his peers.

Engraving Reward: +1 Seconds Intoxicated. More details in AC Odyssey Specific General Ainigmata Puzzle guide.

#9 Finger Tip Riddle location
Finger Tip is one of the hardest to solve Ainigmata Ostraka. You will find the tablet at Desphina Fort in the northwest corner of the Hill of Sacred War area in the Phokis Region. Go to the west of the fort, and when you find a statue of a man enveloped by a golden snake, look for an altar next to it.

Description: In the Valley of the Snake lies a giant half buried. From where his mossy finger points, head North to the peak where I can be found.

Engraving Reward: +2% Damage with Heavy Weapons. Where to find Finger Tip Puzzle solution.

Attika Enigmata Ostraka Puzzle Locations

#10 Elbow Greece Riddle location
Just northwest of Athens in the Sieged Plains, you’ll find the Altar of Love. On the west side of the temple you’ll come across an altar, covered in flowers. Anigmata tablet is next to it.

Description: Ready for a long hike? At the top of this mountain, you can see the entirety of Greece! Follow the road west to the Statue of Prometheus, then your long journey north begins. Find me at the peak in Oropos Heights. Engraving Reward: +2% Seconds Burning Duration. More details available in our guide – Elbow Greece Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution.

#11 Killer View Riddle location
The tablet is hidden in the Mt. Pentelikos marble quarry in Attika, to the northeast of the Greater Athens area. The ostraka can be found near marble blocks, in the central part of the quarry.

Description: Trying to get the best view of the Akropolis? Some think it’s better from the temple of Hephaistos, but if you head south from there, you can find me at an altar of offerings between two columns framing the view perfectly.

Engraving Reward: +4% damage with spears and staffs. Check out our screenshot guide – Killer View Anigmata Ostraka Solution.

#12 Goat’s Gruff Anigmata location
On the northeast of Attika you’ll find Camp Dekelia in the Abandoned Farmlands region, near the lake. Goat’s Gruff tablet is hidden in the long barracks-looking building.

Description: Take the road going northeast toward Marathon Beach. Look for a small path lined with mysterious stone figures. Some say they were once goats turned into stone! The one with blood on its face is where you can find me.

Engraving Reward: +4% Damage with Heavy weapons. If you need help with solving this puzzle we have a guide for you – Goat’s Gruff Ostraka Riddle.

#13 Backstage Pass Ostraka Solution
In order to find this tablet, head south of Athens, near Acropolis, where you’ll find a Textile Workshop. The tablet is on the floor near the entrance.

Description: Head to the theater in Athens. With the right connections, I always get o watch the play from backstage. Find me on an actor’s mask.

Engraving Reward: +6% Adrenaline per Hit. Detailed guide can be found here – Backstage Pass Ainigmata Ostraka Riddle Solution.

#14 War Eagle Enigmata Ostraka Solution
The Isle of Salamis is in the Attika region, west of the city of Athens. War Eagle tablet is hidden in a tent near the cliffs in Salamis Marble Quarry.

Description: Here on the Isle of Salamis, a great warrior’s legacy is remembered. Take the road south and look for a ruined sanctuary. I can be found in its vicinity on a statue of an eagle.

Engraving Reward: +3 Seconds burning duration. If you need help with solving this riddle please check out our guide – War Eagle Ainigmata Ostraka Location & Solution.

#15 Odor in The Court
This time you’ll have to search for a tablet on the Ariabignes Shipwreck. It’s a sunken ship off the coast of Attika. It’s not that easy to find the ship. Search between the Port of Piraeus and the Isle of Salamis. Swim until you come across some flotsam, then dive. You should be able to spot the ship beneath you. The tablet will be on the main deck.

Description: The Seaman’s Judicial Court in the Port of Piraeus is the place where disputes on the open water are settled. There is something fishy going on among the mess of records, and that is where you will find me.

Engraving Reward: +4% Crit Chance while Full Health. More info can be found here – Odor In The Court Puzzle Solution.

Cradle of Myths – Pirate Islands Ainigmata Ostraka Locations

#16 Blue Eyed Beauty
Just south of the Attika region, you will find the tablet in Aetios’ house, in the south of the Cradle of Myths on the Pirate Island.

Description: In the Cradle of Myths, where the lagoon is blue, seek a hole set in stone so I may see you. When the sun blazes brightest, the fog will lift, and the Eye will open to behold your gift.

Engraving Reward: +2% Crit Chance while low health. Find out more in our guide Blue Eyed Beauty Ainigmata Ostraka Puzzle Solution.

We’re going to be updating this guide as we progress through the game, so stay tuned.

Solving the puzzles and finding the treasure can be fun on its own, but the rewards are nothing to scoff at either. You’ll unlock various engravings by completing these riddles. They can be used to upgrade weapons and armor with new perks, giving them additional properties like increased critical hit chance, more fire resistance or a damage boost. However, getting them is just the first step.

When you’ve got an interesting engraving, you’ll also need a piece of gear that has the space to receive another upgrade. Then, you’ll have to visit a blacksmith skilled enough to etch the signs into your equipment. While most bigger cities have one, you may need one when you’re stuck in a place without an artisan versed in this trade. You’ll have to pay the blacksmith a certain amount of drachmae, as well as other goods, like stones, wood or precious gems. You probably won’t be able to afford engraving every piece you decide to use, at least at first.

Keep in mind that each piece of gear can only receive one engraving, which means you’ll have to choose your new perk carefully. This is especially true of higher quality stuff, gold legendary gear and such. You’ll probably end up using them for a long time, so you don’t want to slap something onto them that isn’t a perfect fit.

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