Legendary Phobos Skin - Abraxas Flaming Horse - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey legendary Phobos skin is an outfit for your horse that will make him burst in flames. This unique skin is called Abraxas, and it can be obtained only at higher levels, as it requires defeating some tough enemies. It also shines in the dark, and its light reflects off your armor. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get legendary horse skin in AC Odyssey.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey How to Get Flaming Horse Abraxas Legendary Phobos Skin
How to Get Flaming Horse – Abraxas Legendary Phobos Skin

How to get Legendary Phobos Skin

To get the flaming horse skin in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, one must progress through mercenary tiers until they’re at the top. This is done by defeating high tier mercenaries, or ones that are in the same tier but ahead of you.

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Mercenaries are introduced pretty early on in the game. If you commit a crime, they will be sent to deal with you. You can also track them on the map by getting close to them. There is always a roaring horn sound when they are nearby.

To get the flaming horse as soon as possible, you’ll want to change the difficulty level to easy first. This will allow you to defeat the higher level mercenaries with some luck. The minimum level you need to be before going for the horse would be between 30 and 40. The hardest mercenaries are the ones that use poison or flaming attacks. These two debuffs can deplete your health bar rather quickly. You can only counter this with the fully upgraded Second Will warrior ability, or by simply not getting hit. You’ll also want to avoid fighting them when they are in a group.

In terms of gear, you’ll want to get pieces of legendary armor sets, including the ones obtained by climbing the mercenary ranks called Greek Heroes set, the Pilgrim’s set obtained by looting legendary chests, some early legendary weapons and more.

Once you unlock a couple of mercenaries in the mercenary menu, you can start working your way up by defeating thm. When you kill one, you’ll get a clue for the next. Keep doing this until you reach the final tier. As soon as you defeat the strongest guy, you’ll get the Top of the Food Chain achievement, and the flaming horse will be added to your inventory. Equip it and the next time you call the horse, you’ll get the one with the flames. The lack of reaction from the NPCs as you ride beside them on this legendary horse is quite disturbing at first.

Although not very useful if you’re into role play, as it is a bit hard to understand how our character can withstand the heat, the flaming horse is amazing. The best part is revealed as you ride during the night. The flames cast light on the surroundings and make your armor glow, making it even more epic. The flapping of the fiery tail as you turn is also something else. A truly legendary skin.

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    So uh, what are it’s stats? Because believe it or not, the horse “skins” do in fact have different stats. The dark grey horse in the beginning does in fact climb better than any other horse in the game. Abraxas can climb better than MOST horses, just not the starter option dark grey(the one on the left in the beginning of the game)Phobos. The speed horses are in fact a bit faster than others. The durable horse are in fact more durable. I could jump of the same ledge 5 times as opposed to others horse 3 times. So I’m going to assume since apparently nobody else realised this, that Abraxas is a jack of all trades yet master of none. Minus appearance that isXD.

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