AC Odyssey New Viewpoint Locations in Update 1.1.4

Today’s update for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the one released in preparation for the upcoming DLC, adds 22 new viewpoints to the game. The developers have decided to add these new fast travel points to help people get around with less hassle, and it’s a welcome addition. If you’re wondering where exactly the new points of interest are, this guide will show you all AC Odyssey new viewpoint locations, post patch 1.1.4

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ac odyssey new viewpoint locations
AC Odyssey New Viewpoint Locations in Update 1.1.4

AC Odyssey fast travel points in patch 1.1.4

The locations come courtesy of Reddit user u/Kartik_Vasu, who spent a couple of hours compiling the list. According to them, the new viewpoints are:

Erike’s Bluffs – Messara, west of Daktyls Depleted Mine
Statues of O Potamos – Messara, north of Kydonia, east from the Customs Warehouse
Crane of Oi Drues – Messara, north of Heraklion
Devotion of Edou Aradou – Pephka, northeast of Lato Harbor
Stephania’s Retreat – Kos, in Herb Fishing Village
Rocks of Krenes – Samos, north of Kazania Fishing Village
Crane of Paxus – Naxos, in Naxos City
O Klerikos’s House – Naxos, east of Apollonas
Pillar of Lindos – Mykonos, in southwest Mykonos City
Marinos’s Boat Wreck – Keos, southwest of Koressia
Shrine of Iakkhos – Keos, south of Poiessa Village
Georgos’s Reach – Euboea, southwest of Chalkis City
Kedris’s Vista – Euboea, south of Karystos Dock
Leos’s Vista – Chios, west of the Ruined Temple of Athena Poliouchos
Rocks of Pou Reos – Chios, west of Chios City
Ta Reumatia’s Lament – Chios, north of Huntress Village
Tower of Gilos – Lesbos, southeast of Eresos
Cliff of Ariadne – Lemnos, northeast of the Cryptic Cave, north of Ancient Stronghold
House of Phoros – Lemnos, in Myrina
Niphotos’s Cliff – East of Mytilene, Lesbos
Korre’s Crane – West of the Murex Dyeing Facility, Kythera
Pasta’s Ruins – Outside the Gateway to the Lost City, Thera

Thanks a bunch to Li, Robert Deschene and ShadowEagle976 for the additional info.

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