Stardew Valley Android Version Launch Date Announced

The Android version of Stardew Valley finally has a launch date, set for mid-March. It’ll offer everything that the iOS version does, plus a few other things. Among them is much more robust language support. Also, the game will support PC data transfer, allowing you to continue your game relatively seamlessly.

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Stardew Valley Android Version Launch Date Announced
Stardew Valley Android Version Launch Date Announced

A while ago, Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, the man behind Stardew Valley, announced that he’ll be bringing the game to Android. The version is even up for pre-registering on the Google Play, if you want to get it, and it will cost $7.99, like on iOS. But now, we also know the launch date, courtesy of Barone’s Twitter: the Android version of Stardew Valley is coming out on March 14th.

Now, what can you look forward to in the Android version of Stardew Valley? The short answer: everything that is in the iOS version, which has been out for some time now. The long answer? Well, according to the announcement of Stardew Valley for Android, you’ll get the most up-to-date version of the game possible: version 1.3, minus the multiplayer mode. Which is also still missing on consoles, but Barone assures fans that it’s coming along. Apparently, the Xbox One version is in QA already, and PlayStation 4 is just behind.

Also, the Android version will support data transfer from PC, so that you can easily continue where you left off on the go. You don’t have to start a brand new game if you’re gonna play on mobile. Also, it will have impressive language support at launch, for English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Korean and Turkish. This will arrive to the iOS and console versions a future update. So, yeah, if you have an Android phone, and want to play Stardew Valley on the go, you only have a little more than two weeks to wait!

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