Assassin's Creed Odyssey Ship - Adrestia Sailing & Combat

We haven’t had the chance to sail a ship in Assassin’s Creed since Rogue. Since that one was the red-headed step-child of the series, it was actually Black Flag that everyone will be comparing Odyssey to. The pirate romp across the Caribbean gave us a huge, customizable ship called the Jackdaw, which was as much a tool as a character unto itself. How does the Adrestia compare to it? I had the chance to try the game out at Gamescom, and here’s what I though about it.

ac odyssey ship adrestia
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Ship – Adrestia Sailing & Combat

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AC Odyssey Adrestia

It’s important to note that Odyssey takes place in the 5th century BC. With that in mind, you should temper your expectations. It has a lot less customization slots than the Jackdaw (thirteen), but the upside is that you won’t have to worry about ammunition. Cannons have been replaced by arrows and javelins, and they operate on a cooldown. You won’t have to worry about ammo stockpiles, but you will have to keep an eye on the energy meters in the lower part of the screen.

When it comes to combat, it’s pretty similar to what we’ve seen in Black Flag. You’ll fight other ships, with the ability to board them and slaughter the crew, but the boarding will be much less involved (no objectives aside from killing everyone). Boss ships are also making a return. This time around, they’re going to be called Alpha Ships, and there will be at least twelve of them. Once you’ve defeated them, you’ll get a bunch of resources as well as the option to grab their customization items.

Compared to previous games, AC Odyssey has much better crew customization. There are four lieutenant positions on the ship, and the stats of the mercenaries you choose for these positions will influence the ship’s capabilities. They come in different rarities, and the best ones will become available through story quests and fights with the bounty hunters. Make sure you recruit them instead of murdering them.

Sea shanties will be making a return, but not as collectibles. You’re going to obtain them by completing main story missions and changing crew outfits. Sailing the seas in the Adrestia feels more fluid and flexible – the ship is more agile than the Jackdaw, easier to turn around and stop.

Finally, here’s a full list of ship upgrades, which will help you unlock the Adrestia’s full potential:

  • Arsenal
    • Arrow Volleys (4) – More volleys, shorter reload time
    • Javelin Throws (4) – More throws, shorter reload time
    • Fire Braziers (4) – More fire power segments, more fire buildup
  • Weapons Damage
    • Arrows (4) – Increased arrow damage, more weak points
    • Ram (6) – Increased ramming damage, more weak points when ramming
    • Javelins (4) – Increased javelin damage, more weak points
  • Ship & Crew Endurance
    • Hull (6) – More ship health, armor and lieutenant slots
    • Rower Stamina (4) – More rower stamina, faster stamina regen
    • Crew Armor (3) – More bracing and fire damage resistance
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