Where to Find Deluxe Edition & Preorder Bonus Items - AC Odyssey

Deluxe edition bonus items are rewards you get for preordering the fancy version of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. They include the Kronos pack, the Herald of Dusk pack, and the Capricornus Naval pack. The first two will give you special weapons and armor, while the third gives you a new set of crew memebers and some ship customization options. Some players who decided to splurge and get this version of the game are wondering where to find deluxe edition bonus items in AC Odyssey, which is exactly what this guide will show you.

ac odyssey where to find deluxe edition preorder bonus items
AC Odyssey Where to Find Deluxe Edition & Preorder Bonus Items

How to get Deluxe Edition bonus items in AC Odyssey?

You’ll get the three deluxe edition bonus packs pretty early on in the game. After you’ve sat through the opening with Leonidas fighting the Persians, you’ll have a brief cutscene with modern day chatter. Once that is done, you’ll be transported to Kephallonia in the year 431 BC, where you’ll meet either Alexios or Kassandra, depending on who you’ve chosen.

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Some thugs will call you down from your daydreaming spot, and you’ll have to fight them. Once the battle is complete, and you gain full control of your character for the first time, you’ll see a popup telling you that bonus content has been unlocked.

The items from the packs will be automatically added to your inventory. In order to equip them, you’ll have to visit their respective slots. However, you won’t be able to use them right at the start – the weapons and armor have level requirements that you don’t fulfill, and the ship stuff isn’t available until you’ve taken control of the ship, which won’t happen for a while longer.

If they aren’t showing up, you should go to the store and check the Owned tab (all the way to the right). All of your bonus items should be listed there, and if there aren’t, you’ll probably have to talk to either Ubisoft support or whoever sold you the game.

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