Assassin's Creed Origins Abilities & Skills Revealed

The ability skill points tree list for Assassin’s Creed Origins reveals three specific branches that you can invest points into. They are called Master Warrior, Hunter and Seer. Each experience level gives you one ability point you can spend for skills. The majority of abilities cost one ability point, while some are more expensive, costing two or three points.

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Assassin's Creed Origins Ability Points Tree List

The full list is shown on Gamespot, where you can check out what the skill tree looks like. The most interesting part is how well they are all organized. At the start, it seems you must invest into the first two major abilities. From there, you can acquire talents from any of the three skill trees. Since they are all connected, in order to reach the top-most one, you need to invest into the ones that lead up to it. Here’s the breakdown of the skills we found most interesting, and which abilities they give you.

Master Seer Skill Points Tree

This is probably the most interesting skill tree. Its 20 attribute talents will enhance your outdoor experience the most. Some of the most compelling abilities are:

  1. Hijack – Pull enemy drivers off their vehicle and take control of it.
  2. Smoke Screen – It stuns nearby enemies and creates a smoke screen. Smoke screens can break line of sight.
  3. Dawn & Dusk – Contemplate and make time speed forward.
  4. Animal Taming – After putting an animal to sleep with a sleep dart, you can tame them to have them follow you.
  5. Chariot Owner – You can purchase war chariots from stable shops.
  6. Backstore – You can purchase rare quality gear in shops.

Master Hunter Skill Points Tree

This is a skill tree mainly for enhancing your gameplay with the bow, as well as some stealth and assassination skills – in total, 18 skill abilities. Some of the most interesting ones are as follows:

  1. Enhanced Predator Bow – Control a predator arrow in the air.
  2. Elite Ranger – Aiming with your bow while in the air will trigger slow-mo.
  3. Bow Fury – After getting a stealth kill with your bow, you have a 3s window of slow-mo while still aiming with your bow.
  4. Hunter’s Instinct – While in stationary mode with Seny, you can mark a civilian, enemy or animal to see the path they are currently taking.
  5. Arrow Retriever – (Passive) Loot arrows stuck in your shield back into your inventory.
  6. Bow Bearer – You can equip a 2nd bow.

Master Warrior Skill Points Tree

These skills, as you might have guessed, relies heavily on a melee combat. It has 13 skill abilities, with some of the most interesting ones being:

  1. Overpower Ultra – (Passive) Double the damage of your Overpower ability.
  2. Charge Heavy Attack – Charge your heavy attack. A fully charged Heavy Attack will shield break tower shields and knock enemies to the ground.
  3. Parry – Deflect an incoming attack while in Shield Mode.
  4. Shield Charge – Run faster and bash enemies in your way.
  5. Weapon Bearer – You can equip a 2nd melee weapon.

Assassin’s Creed Origins was officially announced at Microsoft E3 conference, among with many other titles like Anthem and many more.

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